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When three people walk, there must be an isolated person

2021-09-01 22:35:51 Life journey

Admit that you are not enough , There are many shortcomings , Sometimes it's undoubtedly too painful . However, it is the biggest shortcut . If you stand on your own , I think there are some things I can't mention , Unspeakable . be a yes-man , Step back . Really invincible is , I know that's the case , But whether you say it or not is the same . And it's right to integrate the whole , The general direction is good , There's no need to raise your arms and shout . The problem is not here . There's always a conspiracy behind it , Admit in disguise that you are stupid , If you have the chance to make an exception, you will be a dog leg , Make a small report or something . The plot points to the self , After all, what points to is nothing more than vanity . Some things are not only known to a few people , But all know . It is only positioned in consciousness as different language and individual absolute experience , Don't believe in the possibility of communication , But you can imagine . After all , When you're in a bad state , The law of attraction , From scratch , Whether it has produced something similar to the effect of exceptional admission beyond blind obedience . There is no way , Only let the stone grow in the imagination , Take root and sprout . The answer in your heart , Always right , You don't have to go back and think about it yourself , In fact, they are all right , Just getting along in different places is the same . Some changed words have the same meaning , Is unknowingly playing down the concept , bustling , mood , illusion , Gain and loss , In the process , Life is an individual , Human beings are a community . Spiritual evolution , Specific location , Be the same in essentials while differing in minor points , We need to talk , We're talking nonsense again . It's not that we're like playing a side ball or paying attention to the level of low-end desire , Just break up and become an impossible ceiling , It can't be surpassed , Simply lower to deeper .

Get a good moment , Some people say that's enough . stop at the right time , It's rare . A lot of people together , Some people will think that the good play has just begun. Why should we stop when it is good . Even if you know , And try to stop your collection . You have to understand , At first, everyone doesn't want too much , Three meals a day , A lover , Family happiness , Live your life freely . Getting lost , Be checked and balanced . You know too much , You have to be silent . That doesn't belong to you , You can't take it away .

Flocks of cattle and sheep attracted by the open and fertile grassland , Then make an example , White atmosphere , Money is not bad, get spirit . Get energy . What I'm trying to give is nothing more than spiritual support , A disguised siege cannot break through . Don't exceed one degree , Not from the beginning . What does this stand for , In fact, it means on the surface , In the company of three there is always a teacher . Three people , There must be an extra one . Don't deepen , What we need is to complicate , But it's not nihilism , I just think it's possible that you think very little , There are a lot of them . Many people do not have the details to repeat the copy of the old pile of paper , The point is that there may be a loophole , But it's really vivid . What do you think of a thing , It depends on my position in the first three people , This is the smallest unit after all . And two people , It's just purification after mature breakthrough , For the arrival of the fourth person . Of course, you can choose not to .

From my point of view , Namely , I said happy , What you hear is interesting . I'm not happy , You also see your limitations . Many times I read , That's what I found . The text changes infinitely , All positioning , Can only say , That's more suitable to be a porter . I feel good , It was originally in my internal identification system , Not what you said . Yes , It's not what I said . But the words all speak a lingering rhyme , Know and disdain .

We can't guide another person , You are wrong , The way you breathe is incorrect , At such a time . If the writer's colleagues can't share weal and woe , Silence is the best courtesy . And such politeness is , I have different opinions , But also see their own limitations . Don't you know , Everyone's driving force is to be what they first wanted , Not what you think , Or do you think there are any barriers to circumvention , I can only say , You don't have to , The lights go out first .

Moving forward together , Or find the upper level of the parallel level , It was not an origin , There is no language to discuss . Finding that language itself is a waste of time , Maybe attention is valuable , But the systematic feedback of the manufactured products is different . At any stage , And don't imply surging , The lasting power to go down is eternal silence . It's nothing , Disassembly is not acceptable , The incessant . The joy of going up the 19th floor alone , Of course I know there's an elevator , But I don't like .

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