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In the years of peace, we will guard you

2021-09-01 22:35:52 Photography

Four seasons flow , I don't know the years in the mountains , The color changed a few rounds .

Morning dew , There is a sunset glow in the evening .

You walk past , Leave a mark in time .

At the foot of the mountain are human fireworks ,

The roadside is crowded with traffic .

In the light and color of the lake , You sleep here .

This world is peaceful and stable ,

Just because of your protection .

The center of the city , There is a martyr mountain . People are used to walking here , exercise , There will be a lively night market in the evening . This place is already a landmark for people , If you want to describe a place , Then it can be said that it is in the East 、 north ; Close to it or far away from it .

Probably , People want to comfort the martyrs with excitement and stability !

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