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Wanaka | quiet lake, lonely tree

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A journey in New Zealand , It is a beautiful dream in the pure land of the world . We walked past decap 、 Pukaki —— Beautiful milk Lake , To Cape Kaka again —— The wind howled 、 The end of the world with dark waves , Visited Queenstown —— Snowy mountains and lakes surround the noisy paradise of tourists , Finally came Wanaka Wanaka, Look back at the snow capped mountains and lakes , Visit the lonely tree in the eternal nature .

In the arms of the Millennium snow mountain , That one “ Lonely tree ”

therefore , It is also a great lake in the arms of the snow capped mountains of the Southern Alps , Compared with just leaving Queenstown, a paradise full of tourists , It is appropriate to describe Wanaka with quiet and solitude .

We only stayed in Wanaka for a short time 3 God , The lonely tree is in Wanaka's rare travel memory , An important picture .

There is one in New Zealand “ Postcard ”, I believe many people look familiar , But I can't tell where it is .

Lake Wanaka “ Lonely tree ”, The pictures are reprinted from the Internet

Wanaka's “ lonely ” Not because it's just 5000 A populous lakeside town , But because of the tree standing alone in the lake “ Lonely tree ”. It is like an old man standing by the water , It's been a long time , The waist gradually sags and bends to the center of the water .

There is a park near the lake in the lake town of Wanaka , Full of grass and towering trees , Similar to Queenstown Park , It's just not so gorgeous 、 A little more peace .

Wanaka Park

The lake shore in the park , It's a soft Pebble Beach , And that tree “ Lonely tree ”That Wanaka Tree, We happened to come at a low tide , See that the ground under the tree roots is actually connected with the bank , It's just that the water level is higher than that land , It looks like trees grow in the water .

The lonely tree we see

No matter the sky is clear , Or sunset , Regardless of the withered and yellow trees beside the snow mountain , Or evergreen trees , Lonely trees always bend down , Looks so old .

As the most popular punch in point of Wanaka ,“ Lonely tree ” It's not “ lonely ”, A large number of tourists come every day “ company ” A group photo , We are also a member of this stream .

Lakeside ,“ Lonely tree ” There are always many tourists before

We are like many tourists , Punch in and leave , Then the next wave of tourists clock in . Maybe , Its loneliness lies in watching people come and go 、 Enjoy it and leave .

“ Lonely tree ” side ,“ lonely ” The town of

We only stayed in Wanaka for a short time 3 God , The lakeside town gives me the impression that it is small 、 Sparsely populated 、 Beautiful scenery , And good bars .

“ Lonely tree ” It's just a well-known corner of Lake Wanaka , In fact, Lake Wanaka and lake Wakatipu 、 And many great lakes , There are countless beautiful corners and countless ways of appreciation . Any corner , There are trees floating in the wind , Can overlook the snow mountains on the other side , Ducks are playing or taking a nap together .

Wherever the Wanaka live , There are Such a beautiful scenery .

By Lake Wanaka

Wanaka is a long north-south Lake , The small lakeside town is at the south end , It is a quiet and leisurely pure land in the arms of nature . In my impression , The town is just the avenue around the South Bank of the lake 、 And rows of modern and simple buildings built by several trunk roads diverging to the South , No room is more than three stories high .

Lake Wanaka town

Compared with the noisy Queenstown outside the world , Wanaka is sparsely populated . People here , Enjoy a large area of grassland enviably 、 Mountains and lakes 、 A broad and clear blue sky .

—— And a lot of bars and cafes .

In the lake bar

I like the villas with beautiful cherry blossoms on the roadside where we live , When I recall the lovely house I lived in , Beautiful as if it had been just a dream . When the weather is not so clear , The thick fog seemed to rush down from the mountain behind the house , Cover the whole sky 、 Sweeping the whole land . In New Zealand , We have seen the myths of nature 、 Magic breath .

Where we live , It's fogging

The time spent in the small town of Wanaka is short and ordinary , But still full of the beauty and tranquility of nature . If given the chance , It will come again .

flight , Stay in the exclusive memory of Wanaka

What it's like to fly over the Great Lakes in a plane ?

We only stayed in Wanaka for a short time 3 God , What impressed me most was the first time I flew a plane into the blue sky .

On the South Island of New Zealand , Many people leave the most exciting part to “ Extreme sports paradise ”—— Queenstown , And we leave the best part in the light of the clouds in Wanaka .

On the plane overlooking Lake Wanaka

Four years of University , Countless planes flew overhead , I study business , Did not enter the mysterious cockpit like many students “ Clock in ”. Now I have a chance , Take the first flight experience of your life , Stay in the beautiful Wanaka , It's a better way .

So the first stop in Wanaka , We're not going to the lake , But went to the airport . With excitement and curiosity , Go to my first flight class . Of course , All this is well planned and booked in advance .

Wanaka Airport , The hangar of the flight training camp

A small airport surrounded by snow mountains , Used by aircraft of different institutions . After we sign in at the Wanaka aircraft training camp we booked , The staff took us into their hangar , Watched about 10 minute “ Flight course notes ” After the video , Is waiting to get on the plane “ Practice ”.

The small hangar is also a museum , A lot of nostalgic aircraft parts and flying gear are displayed , Let's see the flight history and flight culture of this place .

The exhibits in the hangar

Cook snow mountain, the highest in New Zealand , The day we planned to fly over the glacier was due to rain + The fog , Canceled the flight , It has become a pity for our trip to the South Island of New Zealand . The weather in Wanaka is awesome , The wind is mild and the sun is bright 、 the clouds disperse and the sun appears , Flying into the sky must be a beautiful scenery .

The coach of this commercial flight course , Naturally, it is much more amiable than the coach in the school ( Although I haven't touched at school , But I've heard a lot ). Our coach is about 50 But looking energetic 、 Sunny and happy lady , As soon as he came up, he shook hands with us warmly and forcefully , Then take us to the lovely little plane that will take us to the blue sky .

The plane we tested with the coach

Full of expectation , Climb up the plane from 、 Take a seat , To fasten your seat belt , Get the plane on the runway 、 Speed up 、 Lift off the ground , The coach demonstrated and explained .

When the plane climbed to a clear height around , The coach gave me control of the plane . Climb 、 Turn left and right , Move the joystick a little and the plane will respond sensitively , Everything must be much lighter than driving .

There was a rumble of engines in the plane . Out of the window , Distant snow mountain peak , Snow and clouds joined together ; Looking up is the blue sky , The sun penetrated from outside the dome ; Look down to the land , Everything is as small as an ant .

The plane overlooks Wanaka

The lake is calm , Like a dark blue gem .

“ clear ”, It's perfect to describe how I felt at that time . The cold of distant snow peaks 、 The ice in the depths of the lake , We can't feel ; In the warm sunshine , We float freely on the Great Lakes , And take pictures from time to time .

In flight

More than half an hour's flight , In a flash . The coach took the plane down slowly , Landing 、 Taxi 、 Enter the stand , Still explain the operation of each step in detail .

Last , The coach pointed to the engine switch , Let me press . When leaving , The flight training camp also issued us a flight duration Certificate , Flying a plane in the future is no longer “ Zero basis ” 了 . A ceremonial ending .

I came across a little yellow “ Master machine ”

We only stayed in Wanaka for a short time 3 God , Most of the time is quiet and normal , Especially after we passed the milk Lake 、“ Balrog ” Snow mountain 、 The end of the world 、 Paradise and beautiful “ Middle earth world ” after .

But I'm glad the first flight memory , Left in the beautiful Lake Wanaka .

As always, tourists' photos are placed last , Under the lonely tree

As always, tourists' photos are placed last , Flying a plane


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