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Think beyond the brain, if you use first mover influence to chase girls

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《 First mover influence 》 yes “ Influence Godfather ” Robert . Theodini's work , Known as a required reading for marketing and sales personnel , Recommended by Buffett and Charlie Munger , I have read this book , My biggest experience is : Go beyond the brain to influence .

Our brain is a sophisticated machine , Especially in contact with strangers, it often turns on automatically “ Shielding mechanism ”, I don't listen I don't listen , I don't believe I don't believe , How to break through this “ What about the shielding mechanism ”?

Actually , There is no need to break through it , We can cross it .

for instance , If you use the method given by this book to pursue a person , that , What we need to do is not win TA Brain , But to get TA The heart of .

01 Send first to In town

Create opportunities Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit

Kind and meaningful


Offer help , Love TA And help his family , Not a hammer , It's about love. It's unexpected , Zero body customization , Send first to , Take the lead .

02 First mover agreement Resonate



Relatives feel

Local consciousness

To be a stranger in a foreign land alone , Every festival is the first opportunity . Some similar little good love , Consistency of views on problems , The intimacy of relatives , The softness of the local accent , A drop of water evokes infinite resonance , Instantaneous , It's not you or me anymore , It's us .

03 Start first and follow the crowd Social identity

Everyone around said that the young man was good , His family and friends praised him , that , Even the stubborn future mother-in-law will give a chance to investigate again .

04 First mover participation Co create

A sense of participation

Crowd-funding , This is a typical example . Based on the same judgment and starting point, we volunteer to fund a writer to publish a Book , that , Do writers still need to persuade them to buy books ? The fact is that most of the crowdfunding participants stretch their necks looking forward to the release of the new book .

05 Lasting impact Keep the heat

Voluntary commitment

Automatic response cues

Critical moment

Finally walked into the palace of marriage , The wedding took the initiative to promise , Non responsive , Give her princess love , I hope people will last a long time …

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