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Lift up the rain and have a look at you hidden in the rain

2021-09-01 22:38:49 Photography

Looking at you through the haze

We met through the air , Through the rain like a strange greeting, I sat silently in a daze, thinking : If you can enjoy the scenery outside, now , Through the drops of water , The sunlight is dazzling, and the mind of wiping off the water mist in an instant is like the mind of rain washing. It slowly emerges under the umbrella and catches up with your footsteps , Silent flowing through the puddle know , Ask nothing , Only the close friendship seems to enter subtle comfort in our hearts. Walking through the narrow path, the shoulders wipe the shoulders, and the crowded words haven't been thought out yet. For fear that a gust of wind will break the secret hidden in the clouds, I will learn to put down practice and mature open my mind. I want to be simple , Magnanimous against sharp spikes, anyway , Let me be myself , All kinds of me

The clear sky after the rain

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