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2021-09-01 22:38:59 Literary frequency modulation

Because there is a power failure in the community today , So the night came very early , Less than 8 p.m , It's too dark to see in the room . Lying in bed , It's good to think of such a weekend , The wind outside is like a whistle , It's still comfortable to lie at home .

Lying in bed , Confused and want to sleep . Whoosh , In front of me, a winding lightning flashed , Then there was rolling thunder . I sat up again , Through the window , Look at the sky outside . Although the sky is full of dark clouds , But it's still hierarchical , A layer of dark clouds as thick as a layer are beautiful at the moment , Like the ink silk skillfully woven by the beauty . Lightning is like a wayward child , For a while, he painted horizontal electro-optic patterns , For a while, I drew a vertical flint electro-optic , There was a roaring wind in my ears , It's thunder roaring like a war drum . I was attracted by the scene in front of me , Staring at the sky .

Nearby are tall buildings , The lights are bright in the distance . Ann fell into a quiet night , The rain came in a hurry , Watered out the lightning in the sky , The lightning is gone , The thunder is gone , The night fell asleep with the sound of rain .

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