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Feeling happiness with or without

2021-09-01 22:39:12 Life journey

Calm down and think , What is happiness , I think it's interesting .

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When I was a child , Yes , Will be very happy .

There are cars 、 Dolls and other small toys , Special happiness .

There are such snacks , Especially happy .

There are many children playing together , Especially happy .

After middle age , nothing , Will be very happy .

family , No disease, no disaster , I feel very happy .

own , No debt 、 No disputes 、 No insomnia, etc , Especially happy .

With my family , No estrangement 、 No contradiction 、 No noise, etc , Family happiness .

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When you're happy , Yes , Special happiness .

Why is there complacent happiness ?

It's simple , Some have more than others .

When you get a promotion and a raise , It's just that you have more rights than others , Money is much more than others .

In love , That's because I have more girlfriends than others .

When frustrated , nothing , It's also happiness .

Not satisfied with the work , become dejected and despondent , But think about yourself , It's also happiness .

Although the work is not successful , But at least I have no dereliction of duty , Even no violation of discipline .

this , Than those who are entangled in lawsuits , Compared with those who can't sleep , It should be a kind of happiness .

Actually , Whether there is happiness behind it , It also comes from the inner state .

All say , Pain comes from comparison .

Actually , Happiness also comes from comparison .

Sentient beings , There are always people who look better than themselves 、 health 、 rich 、 Entitled , There are always people who are more unhappy than themselves .

but , Happiness , It depends on whether there is correct cognition in the heart .

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Take the family without disease and disaster , Some people will feel happy , Others don't feel it at all .

Because some people , What he cares about , It's not about family health , It's about how much you can get ?

Happiness , Maybe , It's not about having or not , It's in my heart !

writing / At the end of Sinology

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