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Some views on the "yin yang contract" in the entertainment circle

2021-09-01 22:39:24 Life journey

        2018 June 2006 , The midsummer day makes people dry . A very ordinary day . Because Cui Yongyuan broke the news about the entertainment industry “ Yin yang contract ”, Instantly detonate the entertainment industry . Let the seemingly calm online world , Huge waves rise in an instant .

        Cui Yongyuan's anger and disclosure “ Yin yang contract ”, Caused an uproar all over the country . This storm , intensified . Strangely enough , A master who has always been famous for his wildness , And the interest groups behind them , But the collective silence , This has to be said to be an unusual phenomenon . This also indirectly proves the authenticity of Cui Yongyuan's disclosure .

        The intervention and investigation of the state administrative departments , It also confirms the entertainment industry “ Yin yang contract ” It's real . For this serious 、 Covert tax evasion , The state should do its utmost to rectify and punish , Follow the example of .

        As a gourd eater , I think this incident , On the surface, it looks like Cui Yongyuan and a certain group because 《 mobile phone 2》 The grudges and grudges of each other , In fact, it is teacher Cui's exposure and criticism of the current situation of film and television , The sonorous voice of China's current social disease .

        Cui Yongyuan is not ashamed of the degeneration of cultural people ; Indignant at the actor's tax evasion ; As for a major Director , In a word, it will do harm . Stars in the film and television industry , You earned the money , How many movies and TV shows are there . But most of them are shabby , There is no positive energy in the film . I can't help but say , These people for a few pieces of silver , The exposed eating appearance is extremely ugly . I really don't even want my face !

        Due to the rise of the Internet and its popularization , All kinds of information from the entertainment industry are coming . As a top performing star , Deviation from life values , The poison to teenagers , It's deep into the bone marrow . Teenagers in the 1980s and 1990s , Ask them what they want to be when they grow up , Yes : scientists 、 teacher 、 Doctor 、 The police 、 Soldiers, wait , Full of hope . And today's teenagers , Without exception, they all answered that they want to be a star and a net Celebrity . Ask them why they are not scientists 、 A career like the police , They said with disdain :“ How much money can you earn as a scientist and a policeman ?” Such an answer , Speechless , It makes people sad ! My great China , It was reduced to the power of actors ! Teenagers don't have correct life values , I can't help but say it's a social disease . In just 20 years , Can make such a major change in teenagers' minds , It has to be said that the butterfly effect of stars has too much influence .

        If China does not have the efforts of the older generation of scientists , Create a national weapon to defend China's territory ; Without the efforts of Yuan Longping and other scientific researchers to tackle the key problems of grain , Let the people have food ; Garrison the frontier without soldiers and police , Protect the long-term stability of society ; Without the sacrifice of an angel in white , Guard the people's healthy home , How can there be a stable and peaceful well-off society now ? People don't have a stable living environment , There is no way for some artists to survive ?

        When a country 、 When a nation praises the performers , This country is already ill . And very sick ! Undeniable? , Film and television and variety show in peacetime , It is indeed the spiritual food for people's leisure and entertainment . But the problem is , Actors' self-cultivation and life values are uneven , They determine the depth and height of a work or variety show . We need jokes , But it's not a hoax ; We need justice , But it's not the nonsense of tearing up the Japanese devils by hand ; We need Loyalty , But not shouting patriotism , Fake Chinese who immigrate abroad . Regarding this , I scoff at it !

        indeed , Our motherland is not good enough . But after generations of hard work and dedication , Isn't she slowly getting better ? Those so-called film and television stars , Made enough money for the Chinese people , But change the court , Have fun in a foreign country , Spend heavily , Don't you feel ashamed of the recognition of the Chinese people ?

        Education still has to start with dolls ! But the state should treat the media at all levels 、 The network platform and personal we media platform shall be strictly reviewed , Don't let those so-called stars harm teenagers' life values . Play more positive energy documentaries and promotional films , Timely suppress the arrogance of some stars , Ban the broadcasting of film and television works with three incorrect views . veterinarian , It is also a measure to make up for the lost .

        Cui Yongyuan broke the news after a period of time , And quietly hiding , Gradually silent . Maybe , His previous revelations were just foreshadowing . Behind the brief calm , Brewing a bigger storm .

        Sure enough !2021 Year of 8 month . Three years later today , Suddenly “ Yin yang contract ” Faster than before . This time, , The state is no longer secretive . Maybe , They know the consequences of avoiding medicine . ill , Dezhi ; It hurt the bone marrow , We have to remove the tumor , Even scraping bone to cure poison .

        therefore , The functional departments of the state opened their bleary eyes , Strike hard with a thunderbolt . Zhao 、 Mr. Zheng 、 Huo 、 Wu so and so 、 Fan Moumou and a series of well-known top stars , Fall from the Performing Arts in a very disgraceful way , Even delisting . Their names are all off the search engine , Some works are off the shelves on various film and television platforms , The microblog is closed . I think , This should be just the beginning of the entertainment industry , There should be more severe punishment in the follow-up , Don't rule out going to jail . Punishment is not an end ! Functional departments should issue more sound and perfect policies , Relevant laws and regulations for the performing arts circle , Put an end to something from the root . Give people a clean 、 Entertainment environment full of vitality and positive energy .

        I hope this storm , Can awaken the Chinese people . Cure disease and root cause ! See the true colors of some despicable artists . Protect the right person , Fight against unhealthy tendencies . Guide the public to pay silently to scientists 、 Soldiers 、 The police 、 Wait, get closer , They are the ones we are most worth chasing “ star ”!

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