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Don't let dust catch you

2021-09-01 22:39:27 Life journey

The body is the bodhi tree , The heart is like a mirror , Wipe it often , Don't let dust catch you .

I heard this verse before , I always felt that Shenxiu was not as good as the realm of master Huineng , Can't understand “ There was nothing , Don't let dust catch you ” The mystery of .

But I didn't think , We only stand on the shoulders of the sixth ancestor to see a wordless , I didn't realize it myself , So when it comes to human affairs , Still can't escape greed, anger and ignorance , I didn't even notice that the mirror was covered with dust .

Always look into your heart is not an empty word , It's all really cultivated . The heart is empty , worry about troubles of one 's own imagining , Fantasy painting shows all kinds of things in the world , That blinded the original face , I'm lost in it .

Only the present is real , All these things are like yesterday's death , Tomorrow is the future , Why not enjoy the present . Why do you feel more illusory in the present , There is nothing to lean on .

Conclusion , Or do you have to finish the scheduled course every day , Just deposit some silver in the bank , Otherwise, monthly deficit , It's not good to arrive .

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