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The past is like yesterday - Sky City (Part 1)

2021-09-01 22:39:33 Life journey

This pond related to me

Afternoon , Go to another less populated community for a second shot . Driving home , Passing daze Lake Wetland .CAT Said he wanted to see the construction site of the world's tallest building , I happen to have never been to the scene , So we turned our car into a long road around the lake .

The road is short , It's only about a hundred meters long . At the end of the road, there are some bamboo bars , There are two signs along the road , One piece says : Daze Lake Ecological Wetland , It is forbidden to catch birds ; The other one says : The water depth here , No Swimming !

The pond in the distance

Drill through the bar , You can see a large area of water and a large area of grass slopes around it . There is an old boat by the water , Egrets fly over the water ; There are twos and threes of trees on the grass slope in the distance , And a herd of cattle eating grass .CAT Ask me , This is the construction site of sky city ? How deep is such a big foundation pit ? I said, , The foundation pit was dug 21 rice , Now it looks like a fish pond . exactly , Far away , We saw a man fishing .

A fisherman by the water

Looking at the big pond in front of me , And think of all kinds of past about it .

After the big sky city started in a hurry , Quickly start excavating the foundation pit . However , This plot is located in the hinterland of daze Lake Wetland , And close to the Xiangjiang River , The water table is very high . I. excavation , Groundwater is abundant , It immediately filled the foundation pit , Inadequate preparation of drainage equipment , I can't pump dry water at all . The Construction Party of the project found the Management Committee of Binshui new town , The management committee found me again , Hope to help solve this problem .

Looking at the construction report that is not detailed enough in the foundation investigation report , I can't cry or laugh . No one listened to the advance warning , When something goes wrong, you come to . Although I know this construction is illegal , But when the problem comes, we have to deal with it , Otherwise, there will be safety problems , This is also the responsibility of our bureau . Contact the geological prospecting unit 、 The designer also has experts , Organize a meeting 、 Discuss solutions , It was a lot of fun . Last , The solution came out , Ambitious but quit , Too high cost ! Sky city that refuses to support , Finally, expand and dig into what it is now .

Net diagram , Invasion and deletion

Then when adjusting the regulation, it failed to pass the review of the air control department due to superelevation , This project has been completely rejected ! The pit remained there all the time , It's full of groundwater and rain , Slowly turned into a big pond . Year after year , Slowly there are fish in the pond , Waste grass slowly grew on the mound slope around the pond , Sparse trees grow . Slowly there are cows eating grass on the grass , There are egrets flying to peck fish ......

If it hadn't been for the grass slope, there were many pebbles dug out from the bottom of the riverbed , And the corroded steel mesh left by the pond , Who would have thought that , There used to be a lot of excitement and attention here ? In the present word , It was the net red land in those days , And I almost became a net celebrity and the story behind it !

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