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Autumn rain night

2021-09-01 22:39:38 Life journey

It's raining again . Always rain .

You ask me if I'm in a bad mood more often ?

I was speechless for a moment , Do I have emotions ? Think about it , The answer is certain .

Where have they all gone ? Once they were swallowed raw . But most are indigestible , So those knots stuck in the chest , You can't get up or down .

in the course of time , Pile up into wounds . Once you encounter a sentimental environment , The wound began to ache , As if the sleeping cells were awakened , Fools are ready to move .

however , This feeling has been gone for a long time . Now of I , Listen to the rain ticking , I can only think of the oily leaves in the rain , Think of the round water droplets on the flowers , Think of every song that has a single cycle , Think of yourself who can't tell whether it's sweat or rain …… Emotion is something , Seems to be broken down , It's evaporated .

A person who always takes his bad emotions out on others , Always selfish and incompetent . Don't let others affect your mood , And don't ruin other people's mood .

Later I was , Put your emotions in sweat , Put it in the song , Put it in the text , But not in my heart , And try not to infiltrate into other people's world .

Everything and things in life , I said I didn't care , I really don't care . It doesn't matter whether others like it or not , I only do what I like .

Rainy night , Suitable for writing a poem . They say autumn rain , Emotions are always more , And I'm , But I just want to fall asleep in this ticking sound ……

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