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Rise up twice in life

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Rise up twice in life

Work at the age of eighteen , Now 30 years later, with a flick of the finger , The year of my life , The new second thirty years have begun , It will be a hundred years since the founding of the people's Republic of China , Synchronize with the revival dream , Sail the boat of personal dream .

01. New concept

02. New goals

03. New plan

04. New platform

05. New business

06. New skills

07. New connections

08. New image

09. New value

10. New life

Rise up twice in life

The first 30 years of career , What guides you is “ 146 development plan ”:

One is one , Become an expert , The older, the redder, the more fragrant , And have the qualifications of psychological and legal management ;

Four is four forces , Core competitiveness 、 System frame force 、 Solid family strength 、 Continuous contribution ;

Six is six , Good career and good family 、 Good character and good connections 、 Good health and family , Three pairs of relations develop in a balanced way .

Rise up twice in life

“ 146. Career development plan ”, Continue to use , Keep innovation , Inheritance and development .“ Ten new ” And think about it , Careful study , Fully demonstrate , Make it have guiding significance for the second 30 years of life in the future .

Rise up twice in life

Rise up twice in life

Rise up twice in life

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