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Three blind people

2021-09-01 23:10:16 Photography

The convenience of the disabled often reflects the civilization of a city . If only measured by this standard , I don't think many people in our city can pass . Many city roads are wide enough , The building is high enough to overlook the clouds , Greening is like cutting with barber's scissors , But the blind can't walk , The intermittent blind path is just a decoration .

The three blind men were led by a man with normal eyes , Through the 4、5 Get vaccinated at a traffic light . One right and one left , Two blind men put their hands on the shoulder of the former man , The blind man behind put his hand on one of the blind men's shoulders . From above , They form a diamond and move forward . Next to the car , Whistling past .

Although such a scene can be photographed , It's fun to be a photographer , But it's also helpless after all . If our facilities are convenient enough , The vehicle does not occupy the sidewalk , Bicycles and electric vehicles don't occupy the blind road , They should take it easy , That will be another scene .

At the entrance of Wutai Mountain , They can only enter from the edge of the railing of the vehicle entrance gate , Had to change the formation .

Actually , We are far from civilization .

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