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A day healed by the sky

2021-09-01 23:10:19 Photography

Today is another day healed by the sky . Have to say , The weather has been really good recently . The air is fresh , The sky was crystal clear , White clouds are floating , If you ignore the slightly sun , Everything is so beautiful .

It's also beautiful to take photos with your mobile phone

I like blue sky and white clouds , I always feel that it is clean and pure, and there is something beautiful that is not polluted by the world . Especially in summer , A summer wind blew , Stir the clouds and float gently , It's so cured .

If possible , I hope to be able to blow the summer wind , Eating watermelon , Sit in the corner and quietly watch the blue sky and white clouds spend the whole afternoon . Unfortunately, such opportunities are rarely available now . The memory of childhood is gone forever . Fortunately, this beautiful scenery has not been lost , Look up occasionally , Look at the blue sky and white clouds , Inadvertently, you will see a touch of pure blue .

There is never a lack of beauty in life , Just find it with your heart .

The evening sky

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