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Who can define right and wrong

2021-09-01 23:16:00 Life journey

Human life , There are two main ways to live . One is to live for yourself , That is, do something according to your own ideas , Try to make yourself happy , Try to pursue what you want .

The other is to live for others , Do things according to some standards of the world , What others think is good , I will follow in pursuit of .

To compare the two , The first way to live , May live happily , But it can also be a rough life . As for the second kind , May live very well , But it can also be numb .

in fact , More people are in between , The specific performance is : Or walk and watch 、 Random strain , Either left or right 、 At a loss , Or take everything into account 、 Control as a whole .

                ——2021 year 8 month 29 Japan

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