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Chapter 7 is there a soldier in your family?

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《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

Chapter vii.   There are soldiers in your family ?

Friday afternoon , At the end of the last class , Qingcheng suddenly ran over and grabbed Peng Qing .

“ brother , I have to hurry home for dinner ……” Peng's ability to pretend grievances is really not blown out .

No wonder every time , He can ask his family for money for any reason .

“ I probably know what happened to my sister .” Qingcheng said eagerly .

“ What's going on? ?” Peng Qing also cares a little about the unusually quiet sister in Qingcheng's family .

Peng Qing is the only child , I never know how it feels to have a sister .

Peng Qing felt , Sister should be an extremely important person in one's life .

“ Someone once said a word to me . Every time I feel like I can't carry it , Think of that person , I didn't give up .” Speaking of this , Qingcheng's eyes were dim .

“ But in my sister's world , No one like that .”

“...... brother , I ...... I don't understand .......” Pen leaned out his hand , The behavior grabbed his head a few times .

“......” Qingcheng is speechless ,“ Forget it , You think I didn't say anything .”

“ No , I was wrong , I'm not stupid yet .” Peng Qing hurriedly explained ,“ As a top student , Can you forgive me for counting down every time . I have such an understanding ability , I'm desperate, too .”

“ Come on, come on , Remember to come to my house for dinner tomorrow noon .” Qingcheng chose to end this topic quickly .

“ Deling !” Peng Qing happily picked up his schoolbag , Reach out and grab Qingcheng's shoulder ,“ Though! , I really don't understand what you just said , But we also have a helpful heart, don't we ? If you think of any way , It can help your sister get out of the shadow of the earthquake as soon as possible , Tell me about , Your brother is duty bound to me !”

“ OK , Your brother, I know .” Qingcheng followed Peng Qing's words , Take advantage of it again .

At 11 a.m. on Saturday , Qingcheng's room .

“ Qingcheng , You find me a headset .” Peng overturned every drawer in Qingcheng , Renounce .

“ When did you listen to music with headphones ?” Qingcheng is indifferent , Keep reading in bed ,“ Does it make sense for you to install these ?”

“ Hey .” Peng Qing said with some embarrassment ,“ I'm not afraid of disturbing your sister .”

Qingcheng is a little lazy to get up from bed , But the reason to hear Peng Qing say , I feel warm again , Just say :“ There are headphones on the bedside table in my sister's room , Get it yourself .”

“ Go to your sister's room ?? I'm a little embarrassed .” Peng Qing is still a little embarrassed .

“ have to , Just pretend .” Qingcheng said , Or get out of bed , Go to the Youth League room to get headphones .

“ There are soldiers in your family ?” Peng Qing stands at the door of the Youth League room , See the prominent position at the head of qingtuan's bed , Hung a metal collar on a military uniform .

“ No, .” Qingcheng picked up the earphone and went out ,“ My sister often presses the bed with ghosts , Very serious , Sometimes I can't breathe at all . It is said that this kind of collar flower can ward off evil spirits , My aunt did not know where to find one for her .”

“ You said , I said I'd bring her some today .” Peng Qing's tone was a little reproachful .

“ Why didn't I know someone in your family was a soldier ?” Qingcheng asked in a skeptical tone .

“ Not my house , It's the son of the Liu family upstairs .” Peng Qing explained ,“ He has been a soldier for eight years , I happened to be at home on vacation recently , I want some from him .”

“ You're going to , Get your skills out of my house , I'm sure we can get to .” Qingcheng took the opportunity to ridicule Peng Qing .

“ Hey, don't believe it , Nothing else , The job of asking for things , I'm good at it .” Peng Qing doesn't care about Qingcheng's tone , Clap your chest and take it down .

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