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Chapter 6 you can't bear this grievance?

2021-09-01 23:20:15 Life journey

《 If redemption has color , It's olive green against the light 》

Chapter six   You can't bear this grievance ?

“ Which other student has other ways to solve the problem ?” The physics teacher put his hands on the desk , Lean forward , Looking expectantly at the upturned face in the classroom .

“ Every time he lies on the desk like this , I think his feet must be off the ground .” At the same table, Gu Xiaoxiao whispered in Qingcheng's ear .

“ not always , His legs are not short .” Qingcheng raised his hand and quietly recalled Xiaoxiao's words ,“ Maybe it's on tiptoe .”

Gu Xiaoxiao heard this sentence , Cover your mouth and laugh , The shoulders are shaking .

“ Let me see who volunteered to tell you ?” The physics teacher's surname is sui , Everyone likes him very much .

He looked around the whole class and stared at Qingcheng :“ Qingcheng , You've come to tell me to be brave ~”

“ He even misused volunteering .” Gu Xiaoxiao whispered to Qingcheng with a smile .

“ This is not so , He deliberately teased us .” Qingcheng whispered , Stand up quickly .

“ teacher , This problem can be solved without the laws of physics , Geometrically , Use triangle similarity to calculate the answer .” While Qingcheng stood up , Say your problem-solving methods .

“ indulge in the wildest fantasy !” Mr. Sui didn't mean to tease him this time , But a little angry ,“ Physical graphics , It's not as rigorous as mathematical graphics , Solve problems in pure geometry , What do you do if there are graphic errors ?”

“ teacher , I ......” Qingcheng wants to continue , I didn't use the graphics given by the title , I drew my own decomposition graphics . My graphics are proportional , It can be used to solve problems .

Mr. Sui interrupted him :“ A new way to solve problems , It's not for you to play tricks , The big principle of solving physics problems is the analysis of force, work and energy , You can't lose it .”

“ Oh , Good teacher , Let me think again .” Qingcheng didn't continue to argue , But quietly softened .

“ Sit down .” Teacher Sui said with a gentle smile ,“ It's right to think again , Don't let the teacher criticize you , I won't think about it in the future , There is still something to think about .”

“ Um. , well .” Qingcheng sat down , See Gu Xiaoxiao sticking out his tongue and making faces at teacher sui .

This thing , Qingcheng has forgotten .

But three days later, the big break , Teacher Sui stopped Qingcheng in the corridor of the teaching building .

Isn't Mr. Sui sitting in the office during the big break ? Why are you here ?

“ Qingcheng , I went back and tried , That problem can really be solved geometrically .” Teacher Sui's tone was a little embarrassed .

“ Um. , I went back and thought about it , That question is a special case . The title gives many known conditions , There is also a lot of data available . But this lucky way , I'd better use less .” Qingcheng did try other subjects when he went back that night , Pure geometric methods are not widely used .

“ I'll talk about you in front of the whole class ......” Mr. Sui is obviously a little embarrassed this time .

“ teacher , You look down on me , This thing , I can carry it .” Qingcheng seemed to be discussing other people's affairs in an indifferent tone .

“ Yo, boy , Very broad-minded .” Teacher Sui's little embarrassment was alleviated by Qingcheng's mentality .

“ Hey , I used to be careful .” I'm sorry to change Qingcheng this time ,“ Speaking of it, I was taught well by my junior high school department director .”

“ What's the matter , A story of the past ?” Teacher Sui squinted and smiled , Seems very interested , Lie on the railing of the corridor , Prepare to tell stories in Qingcheng .

“ Also do not have what , It's the trouble caused by other students , The monitor thinks it's me , Reported to the director of the Department at the level .” Qingcheng recalled that afternoon , In the office of the head of the Department .

“ Miss Hai , It's not really me .” Qingcheng is in a hurry ,“ You don't believe me !”

“ I know it's not you .” Mr. Hai sat down , Took a slow sip of tea .

There is a , Qingcheng was stunned .

“ I've been a teacher for so many years , I can see at a glance that it's not you .” Mr. Hai holds the teacup in both hands , Raise your eyes and stare at Qingcheng ,“ This is a small matter , It doesn't really matter who it is . however , Qingcheng , Just a little misunderstanding and grievance , You can't even carry it ??”

Qingcheng stayed , Forget the grievance , Even just about to shed tears , And suddenly disappeared .

“ Go back to the classroom .” Mr. Hai waved his hand .

Qingcheng came back , According to Mr. Hai , Walk out of the office . Go to the office door , He turned back and bowed to Mr. Hai ;“ Thank you, teacher .”

Mr. Hai waved his hand again with a smile .

Mr. Sui listened quietly to Qingcheng finish the story , I also laughed , say :“ Hurry back to class .”

Qingcheng answered , Run to the classroom .

Looking at the shadow of Qingcheng , Miss Sui thought , The elder named Hai Pingyun , The impact on Qingcheng is not small . A teacher , It can't be limited to preaching , You have to teach and solve your doubts .

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