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Art garden assembly No. 138: pearls in memory

2021-09-01 23:23:31 Literary frequency modulation

This issue of garden star : The Qionghai Lake is blue , The old Trees , Heart one sue,Ling00, Warm and cold , Manshu Zhaolan , The moon is bright and red , The wind breaks the dawn , Primitive floating house , Through the years, I know how cold and warm , My heart is still 580a

Preface : There are many shining in my memory 、 Twinkling like stars , It's unforgettable , These fragments are as precious as pearls .

The Qionghai Lake is blue 《 Pearl 》

It rained that summer

The boy drew the sunrise on the beach

One 、 Two 、 Three ……

The tide climbed up

Take them away one by one

I put away my umbrella

It will clear up

The boy disappeared

I dived into the sea

Salvage the mystery of life

The sun in my heart

Already turned into

The Pearl of memory

( Qionghai blue sketch in 2017 In March of spring, beside Qionghai Lake )

Manshu Zhaolan 《 reunion 》

Count the string of memory pearls ,

I seem to be in a dream .

A group of vague figures ,

The clothes have faded ,

Some are patched .

asymptotic , See clearly ,

On that childish face

With a smile .

Those eyes

Like water and transparent .

It was that year

Our campus ,

On that day

Next to the teacher ,

We met .

Count the string of memory pearls ,

One thousand and one ,

be visible before the eyes .

The wind 、 Sound of rain 、 The sound of reading

The sound is heard ,

Flowering season , rainy season 、 Growing season

Always keep in mind .

brother 、 sister

Singing in the sun ,

classmate 、 friend

Walk with me in the wind and rain .

Schoolmate sentiment

Life is destined for three worldly situations .

Count the string of memory pearls ,

Half a century's journey .

Vaguely visible

The back with beautiful hair

Turn around

The smile is still bright

Green silk has been dyed cream .

Baiwei life .

There is a pearl

Dare not touch at will ,

Don't talk about your injury ,

Don't talk about her pain .

Care 、 miss ,

We meet again today .

Thank you for meeting ,

Thank you for meeting again .

Let's raise our glasses and drink ,

Let's talk about boxing and deep feelings .

May life be as tender as water ,

May life be stronger .

This string of memory pearls ,

Count in detail 、 collection , eternal .

The moon is bright and red 《 Dream meets memory 》

Last night's dream

How could

Meet childhood friends

Blue fog

Blurring the scene

Stars floating all over the sky

The flower of memory suddenly shines

I have been looking for

Also expected

Meet you

My heart is reading the once story

Even if we meet in a dream

Also moved

Maybe it's really extravagant

I have already put down


When he really appears in my dream

But it makes it difficult for me to distinguish from reality

Every second in my dream

I'm happy

The wind of summer night moved the curtain


Misty smile

I slowly opened my eyes

The rhymeless ballad in my memory

It's so warm when I wake up

Primitive floating house 《 Pearls in memory 》

You are the Pearl in my memory

But I don't have the ability to write a poem praised by you as a pearl

My language is very superficial , Very dull

I read the poem you used as a pearl , I feel small , poor

You want me to be the heart of Pearl , I wrote a poem for you with a sudden inspiration

Your mind is timing , Geography , People and also precious gifts

I'm struggling to write a poem that you can't treat as a pearl

Will linger in your pearl words

Like ants crazy about Colored Pearl corn

When you feel the heart of corn whiskers , You will also feel the heart of corn Pearl

Ling_00《 Pearls in memory 》

The colorful night sky

There are not only stars , There is a moon

also , That ignorant you

If the memory of you

It's gorgeous , Please do not

forget That's me and you

A sea of flowers

Your appearance , like

The most beautiful rose under the sea of flowers

Branches and leaves , Don't cut it off

stay , Memories of this sea of flowers

Warm and cold 《 memory 》

One 、

The five senses are the window of memory perception

Everything is the enlightenment and guide of memory

The brain is like a magical warehouse

Hundreds of millions of nerve cells are stored

One type of cell is particularly important

Dedicated to memory

Called memory neurons

Memory is born

It is a unique storage function of the human brain

It is the screening and acceptance of external things

There are innate differences between good and bad memories

There are also acquired development and influence

There is also a certain correlation with age

Memory is accompanied with people's life from beginning to end

Everyone has this experience

Some things quickly pass away in memory

Some things gradually disappear from memory

Some experiences are forever engraved in memory

Memory can give people joy

It can also give people sadness

Memory can give people pain

It can also give people sweet

Time is the coordinate of memory

Perception is the outpost of memory

The brain is the harbor of memory

Everything is the object of memory

Sometimes you don't have to remember

As long as you experience and understand with your heart

Often unknowingly

Memory becomes eternal memory

Two 、

Memory has color

Red orange yellow green blue violet

As beautiful as a rainbow

Red memory

Full of passion and celebration

Orange memory

Vibrant and sweet

Yellow memory

Contains warmth and elegance

Green memory

Full of hope and freshness

Blue memory

Represents strength and solemnity

Blue memory

It symbolizes freedom and broadness

Purple memory

Full of dreams and romance

Memory has melody

Dorimi is shivering, West

Like a wonderful symphony

Memory has a taste

Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty

It's full of color and fragrance

Like a feast

3、 ... and 、


Like blue sky and white clouds, it is pleasing to the eyes

It's like a storm, earth shaking

It seems that the rainbow in the sky is very beautiful

It's like a bright moon lighting your thoughts

It's like an eagle hitting the sky

As if ten thousand horses were galloping and magnificent

It seems that plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum dress up the four seasons

It's like a stream flowing happily


It is the feeling of the soul

Is the footprint of life

Through the years, I know how cold and warm 《 The Pearl of memory 》

The old is the face

Even time

Not old is memory

As bright as a pearl

That magical light

It's a wake-up call

Push people forward

Enough to penetrate the years

According to the whole life

My heart is still 580a《 Pearls in memory 》

Memory is a mirror that does not lie

Shining brightly on the real past

The real self

Pillow the memory of years

Let time ripple

Those memories condensed into pearls

Like morning dew in the sun

Flickering in the breeze

Interlacing with shadows

The wind is playing a clear tone

night , Slowly brushing my heart

Moonlight like silver , Pearls scattered in memory

As the fog , It's kind of fuzzy

Suddenly it is very clear

I'm looking for the most beautiful one , Hold it in your arms

The old _ Trees 《 eight-line poem with seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhyme scheme   Pearl ( New rhyme )》

River gravel washed into sand , Wandering in the sea with shrimps .

Shell armour occasionally opens an embroidered mouth , The beads happen to fall into the makeup box .

Warm, smooth and delicate natural things , Elegant and gentle, like a female flower .

Throw a lot of money for noodles , Time has changed, not her .

Heart one sue《 Blue and white porcelain wine cup 》

A touch of Dai mark and misty rain meet , Once thousands of lamps with whom .

How can the floating light remember the three shadows , Listen to the evening wind in the south of the Yangtze River under the moon .

Heart one sue《 Remember shuangjun again 》

That year, thousands of miles broke the grand pass , The sword is like a forest horse .

This night, I suddenly heard a whistling near , Sliding the window, only the rain and tears .

Heart one sue《 Also send Jianlan 》

Wechat is far away from Chongshan , Lanzhi is like a dream on the screen .

Qingfen, a wisp of exquisite flowers , Who gives new words to set up the evening wind ?

The wind breaks the dawn 《 A word of affirmation , Start my dream journey 》

Please don't be stingy with your praise , Maybe your carelessness , Will become the most beautiful pearl in the heart of others , Shining , Shine on his ordinary life .....

. so far , I also insist on writing , Largely because of that sentence ......

“ The girls sitting in the last row near the wall write weekly notes that are different from most of you , What you write is a daily account , She wrote something , Have an idea , Very good !”

I still clearly remember the affirmation of my Chinese teacher in high school , It is also the first time I have received real praise and encouragement in writing , After that, I started my love of writing , I started my hobby that I have been sticking to so far . And before that , I never thought that I would like writing as a way to talk to my heart ……

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