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Photography Guide: refining European and American style photos

2021-09-01 23:34:38 Oriental Infotainment

If you want to take this quiet dark natural light style photo , You can integrate the sisters' strong family affection and quiet environment . Because they are quiet , The world can respond to their emotions and the color of the picture . This kind of shooting is very common in European and American styles ( The European and American style mentioned here is not the kind of shooting made strange in China ). Rich colors , Big background , The characters stand out .

Clothing match : Because it's winter , The photographer dressed his sister in a light yellow windbreaker , This echoes with the overall picture color that the photographer finally wants to come out ; The other sister is wearing a red gap cotton padded jacket , It's very fashionable . Don't wear reflective down jacket , This will appear very low . Let my sister wear red clothes , Sisters put on red hats , To illuminate the whole cold picture , Darken the picture .

The light : This picture was taken in pure natural light . This is a typical cloudy weather , The light is soft .

Environmental Science : On the lawn downstairs of the studio , The background is a leaf . What should be emphasized here is , Simple and unified background , This is important . You can't get the final effect . You can see the original picture .

posture : Child shooting is shooting at children . Posing is unrealistic . Let your sister play with your sister . Not much , It will destroy the feeling of the work ;

Camera settings : Canon 5D 4 ,85mm, F1.4 ,1/500

Later thinking :

Consider the final effect at an early stage , Have ideas at a later stage . stay LR in , Just fine tune the exposure highlight a little lower , Then input PS.

Original picture :

PS Processing flow :

(1) If you want this picture to be higher , The house above the original picture can be cut off with a cutting tool , Resize the canvas and stretch the height ( see “ see “ Pull up the picture ””)

(2) Use the rectangle selection tool to select the background of the top green leaf ,crtl J Will be copied and pulled up a little ( see “ After the background is stretched ”).

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