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No next time

2021-09-01 23:46:03 Life journey

Early Saturday morning , A colleague called , Ask if the work delivered yesterday has been completed , I said you didn't mean , Do you want the results on Monday afternoon ?

I just want to... Today .

How can you say change just change .

This is what leadership means .

bring pressure on , How could it be ?

Forget it , Don't worry about him , Inform other departments to hurry up , At noon, I finally finished , Call him , An understatement came : received .

I'm most afraid of meeting such shameless people , Can't explain , Explain a bunch of reasons and wait , After careful study, there is no reason . But I'm very good at fooling around .

This cooperation , It directly determined my impression of him . Improper working attitude , The exquisite pot throwing man .

I'll try to avoid him next time I say anything , Break one's words , No principle , Work with him , Heart tired .

Actually , Man , Reach out and know if you have . The first fight , It ended so bleak , The next time , There must be no next time .

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