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2021-09-01 23:58:00 Life journey

                Part 9 (051)

Chapter 250

                The sisters helped Li Guirong prepare for the new year

                Yu Xiaohong talks about you Shanze's past scandals


Lin Xincheng looked down at Sun Li and said :“ To be honest, the two sisters , This time, sister Sun Li came to me and said , You Shanze went to work in the county Party committee office soon , Started courting her , My sister told him , I've been engaged , And went through the marriage formalities , But this youze , Take his family conditions and personal education , Compared with brother Fanzhong , And ask Sun Li's sister to break up with Fan Zhong and marry him ."

Listen to what Lin Xincheng said , Shi Wenjing and Yu Xiaohong were surprised and asked Sun Li :“ Sun Li, did you believe him ?"

Lin Xincheng knows that Sun Li can't answer this question , Just say first :“ How can my sister believe it ? She has a firm mind , Love specificity , I don't believe him at all ."

The two sisters breathed a sigh of relief , And at the same time :“ That's right ."

Yu Xiaohong then said ruthlessly :“ You Shanze , It's the standard reed on the wall , Top heavy, bottom shallow ; Bamboo Xun in the mountains , The tip of the mouth is thick and the abdomen is hollow . It looks bright and beautiful , Inner lust is evil , Don't tell the truth , Do nothing , Except for women , Nothing else , Not as handsome as Jia , Jia Yingjun can also sing ."

Li Guirong interposed :“ In the last few years, the National People's Congress , Knowledge will also grow ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ The results won't be much better , Renmin University of China , That's the number of universities in the country , He graduated , But returned to our county ."

Li Guirong said :“ That's not a club coming and going , From where to where ?"

Shi Wenjing said :“ The policy says so , Graduates of key universities at the central level , Both the central and provincial levels have remained , Will return to the original county distribution ? Many graduates from provincial and ministerial universities , Outstanding achievement , They are all reserved for provincial, ministerial and prefecture level units and enterprises , Some of them stayed in school to teach . From you Shanze's return to our county , His grades are really not very good ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ Sister Sun Li , Don't be fooled by him ."

Sun Li nodded .

On Lin Xincheng :“ Of course my sister won't be fooled by him . The problem now is , In Town God's Temple, there was a face to face figure. , Said Sun Li's sister would get married twice , You can't live forever with your first husband . If the first husband is three years younger than her , Before the age of 30, he will kill his husband and remarry . The second husband must be a cow , She is three years older than her . If sister Sun Li insists on living with her first husband , And don't want to kill her husband , Then you have to find a man who is three years older than her . If a man three years older than her is chasing her , The conditions are better than Fanzhong , He said that Sun Li's sister broke up with Fanzhong and married this man , Or be this man's lover instead of breaking up with Fanzhong . After listening to this face-to-face divination , Sun Li's sister's heart became chaotic , She loves Fanzhong , Reluctant to be loyal , But I'm afraid to kill fanzhongke . Don't break up with Fanzhong and don't want to kill Fanzhong , Being a lover of youshanze is not reconciled ."

Shi Wen listened , Very seriously :“ Sister Sun Li , You mustn't listen to the people you meet , Never break up with Fanzhong , What a nice young man Fanzhong is , Young, handsome and college student . Even if what the diviner said is true , You and Fanzhong can't live forever , I'll kill him before I'm 30 , I don't want to kill him , Just have an affair with a man who is three years older than you , Is there such a man now ?"

On Lin Xincheng :“ Yes , You Shanze said to Sun Li's sister , He is a cow , She is three years older than her sister ."

Shi Wenjing will pick you up right away :“ Why didn't the people you met say it directly , Just have an affair with you Shanze . Younger sister , Even looking for a lover can't find him to break the disaster for Fanzhong . Looking for your new brother , Your new brother is a cow , Three years older than you ."

Yu Xiaohong then said :“ Didn't I just say , You Shanze is not a cow , It's a dog , He lied about three years old . My sister is right , Eliminate disasters for Fanzhong , Looking for your new brother ."

Lin Xincheng was born :“ Are you two sisters like this , It's irresponsible to talk like this ."

Li Guirong, who has been silent, still doesn't speak , But he laughed .

And Sun Li blushed , She said to herself , At night, while my sister-in-law is sleeping , I sneaked into Xincheng's quilt , We've agreed , If the person you met is not arranged in advance by you Shanze , That's what we did .

Shi Wenjing followed Lin Xincheng's words :“ I also want Sun Li's sister and Fan Zhong to live forever , I said so in a hurry ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ In fact, this is also a helpless way , We solve our own problems by ourselves , It's just not more than sister GUI tea ."

Li Guirong said with a smile :“ As long as we can eliminate the disaster for Fanzhong brothers , I am willing to sacrifice ."

Lin Xincheng emergency road :“ Stop talking nonsense , I'd like to , Face to face with Sun Li's sister , To a large extent, it was arranged in advance by you Shanze , Except that he didn't explain to his sister to accept you Shanze , Other words seem to be aimed at you Shanze . Did you Shanze arrange it in advance , I want little red sister to return to the county , The words of a face-to-face person ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ I know who it is ?"

On Lin Xincheng :“ So let sister Sun Li and you go around in Town God's Temple. , Let her identify you , When you two separate , You go find someone else ."

Yu Xiaohong said :“ so much the better , I must try to get to the bottom of the matter , As long as you Shanze arranged it in advance , My sister doesn't have to believe what people say ."

Sun Li at this time , I really hope you Shanze didn't arrange it in advance , such , She can get the rain and dew of the two men he likes . But he still said :“ Then thank you, sister Lao Hong ."

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