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New edition of guilty plea

2021-09-01 23:58:01 Life journey

Write about self-expression , Readers' articles broaden their horizons , The comments section is another kind of fun .

I wrote a short article not long ago , Because I like the macro function of the new phone , Tried to shoot the thorns , I don't want an insignificant flower the size of a grain of rice , After being magnified, it also looks beautiful .

The article mentioned the thorns when Lian Po went to Lin Xiangru to apologize “ The burden ”, Received a man named “ A pine in Tianshan ” Comments from friends :

original “ to offer a humble apology ” It's like this

Now it's like this

So happy , The painting style has changed . laugh Cry!

See my article negative “ Jing ” Confessing ( Mobile phone macro photography )

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