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She village, a mysterious ancient village (24)

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The dance of the wind

As soon as I took my seat , A clerk in a blue cloth robe , Then he spread two layers of rice paper as a lining , And brew you a pot of black tea with dense aroma , There is a special charm around .

Suddenly , This is no longer a place for simply selling tea and eating . flowers 、 sweet 、 tea 、 food …… Everything is exquisite and graceful , Simple and timely , The tea house, which is Zen and simple, provides the most simple service , Leave space for nature , Look at the season . Spring rain startles spring and clear Valley sky

Summer and summer are connected

Dew in autumn, cold in autumn and frost in autumn

It's snowy in winter, small in winter and cold in winter

What's interesting is that , The private rooms here are named according to the 24 solar terms , The real is only born to integrate with nature . Dishes also advocate “ Don't eat from time to time ”, Such as spring bamboo shoots on the spring menu 、 Toona sinensis 、 Lily 、 Celery and other suitable ingredients , The plate is exquisite and the food is well placed .

Go out of the teahouse in the inner room , You can also reach the tea pavilion in the center of the boundless pool , When a white fog rises from the water , Sky and mountain scenery , Green sky and Green Valley , The mood is far away .

The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

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