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Imagination on light rail

2021-09-02 00:02:24 Life journey

Listen, it's Nankai singing 《 Crazy man who loves you 》, Sit on the light rail home , The mood is very calm , My heart is moving , Where are you going ?

Some people , In order to survive , I don't have my own time , There's no room for yourself , Without your own ……, Live like a shadow , Only when the sun comes out , To illuminate yourself , Light up the road ahead .

Sometimes the heart is full of pride , I always feel that time passes too fast , Not profligate yet , It just slipped away , even “ tell ” There's no time to say ; Sometimes I feel so depressed , Always feel too slow , Like a summer , Like after many years .

Maybe I didn't try , Will leave regrets in life , Actually , People come into this world , How perfect you are , There will always be more or less defects . Life goes on , Tomorrow's sun will rise as usual , The world is still this beautiful world , You just need to improve a little every day , You will no longer be the original you . The crowd is surging , Go on each side of the main road , Just be yourself , Everything has its own destiny .

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