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Realizing the dream of Dunhuang... (Part 8)

2021-09-02 00:03:05 Life journey

A dream for a thousand years , Dunhuang in the desert !

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Westward declines the sun , The red sun gradually sinks to the West . Mingsha mountain crescent spring , Become a beautiful and Zen cutting reflection .



So quiet , So enjoy …… Time goes by , What remains unchanged is nature .

I used to 《 Moral by 》 Some words : Human law and land , Earth method sky , Tianfa Dao , Natural rule .” Nature is the supreme Avenue , Is the eternal extreme .

Mingsha mountain is still , Crescent spring is still . It doesn't cry or laugh , Don't worry, don't like , Pure and safe , As if it had never changed .

With the beat

When I first came here , The chime shaped street lamp opened its soft eyes , With the green trees and blue sky stitched into a picture roll . It also adds a touch of warmth to my memory .

Look up and see a bright moon rising , Shine on the Mingsha mountain in the night , The moonlight like water gently brushed the crescent spring .

I seem to know that I have traveled thousands of miles to realize my dream , Haoyue also brought a bright lamp . The earth is speechless , The sky is like a huge sapphire , White clouds blowing like gauze decorate the sky and the bright moon , It's gorgeous , It's a great win .

The heart is like a mirror , Shine on everything . My heart is like water , Become clear and bright at this moment , The bright side ! Deep worship , Be grateful for nature , Thank you for everything here !

With the beat

With the beat

Nostalgia in the scenic spot , Hesitate , Reluctant to leave for a long time , It's not far away , Have begun to miss , I think , My heart will stay here . River sunset , The desert solitary smoke .

This night , We stayed in a hotel in Dunhuang .

A big pity is that the station wagon broke down in the morning , It took an hour and a half , We missed the time , Missed 《 The secret place Dunhuang 》 The performance . I can't find any videos about the plot and performance of Dunhuang on the Internet .

Just found something about 《 Dream of Dunhuang 》 A brief introduction .《 Dream of Dunhuang 》 It is a film with Dunhuang as the theme 、 A large-scale dance drama with the creation history of thousands of years in Dunhuang art treasure house as the background . Take young Dunhuang painter Mogao and women's crescent moon ( The proud daughter of a general in the western regions ) The emotional journey of , About their acquaintance from 、 Know each other 、 It's touching from falling in love to staying together 、 A graceful and moving love story , It depicts the tough image of young painter Mogao who constantly pursues the highest state of art , Eulogized his loyalty 、 Pure and passionate love . A beautiful picture unfolded like a dream 、 Euphemistic Pathetique 、 Beautiful and glorious picture scroll , Present accurately 、 Grasp the essence of Dunhuang culture . It pursues the brilliance of humanity and art in a multi-dimensional space with typical Western characteristics , Shock the hearts of the audience with the power of tragic beauty 、 Touch people's hearts , Like a song “ Love of humanity ” Ode to .

There are also famous large-scale indoor situational experience dramas 《 See Dunhuang again 》 And stage play 《 Dunhuang Festival 》. See also that Dunhuang talks about the rise and fall of the Silk Road and the restoration of history , Through experience , The Dunhuang Festival tells a love story .

Because it's a live show , The scene must be very shocking and wonderful !

It's also , Things in this world , How many are perfect , How many are perfect without regret ? No chance to see 《 The secret place Dunhuang 》 Your performance is good , Let Dunhuang still retain its special victory , Its mystery . Let it still live in the bottom of my heart ……

I Believe : There is a will in the dark . Everything is the best arrangement !

Have a good rest , I've been looking forward to visiting tomorrow , I have been longing for the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang for many years !

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