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The relationship between superiors and subordinates is a working relationship

2021-09-02 00:03:36 Life journey

I watched several episodes off and on these days 《 The ideal city 》, I feel the workplace ecology is cruel , It's even scary , Su Xiao's experience is very distressing .

Last night, , In the group, I discussed some workplace ecological problems , The boss's conclusion is that there is a real side . As a professional , You should get used to the rules of the workplace .

Literary works come from reality , Above reality , Real life may not be so serious , Maybe not all so cruel , But there must be some in the workplace . Some practical problems , It has its inevitability , rationality .

The key to workplace problems is the relationship between superiors and subordinates . The relationship between superiors and subordinates , It's mainly working relationships . The requirements of superiors to subordinates , Is to complete the task with high quality ; The lower level's hope for the higher level , Is to give full work support , Work is the main line , Others are subject to service to work .

The leader's favorite subordinate , No matter what you ask , Subordinates who are capable and satisfactory . Work mainly depends on the results , As for how difficult you encountered in the process , How many problems have been solved , Even took some unconventional measures , For many leaders , Not very concerned about , That's your business .

Some senior subordinates sometimes have a bad relationship with their leaders , Privately complain that the leaders don't support themselves enough , Not even humane , I worked hard for most of the day , No credit, no pain . In the eyes of leaders , Only the results , There is no process , Naturally, there is no hard work . Workplace , A lot of times , To work in vain is to live .

The leader's least favorite subordinate , The leader arranges a job , I haven't started yet , Let's start with a lot of difficulties and problems , Even question the scientific rationality and feasibility of leaders' decision-making , Even if the questions raised by subordinates are very correct, scientific and reasonable , Many leaders will not like . Most people don't like others challenging their authority , Leadership is even more so .

Subordinates want leaders to take a high look at themselves , A little love , Give yourself more support , From a leadership perspective , The happiest thing is that he did the work without worrying about it .

The biggest dissatisfaction of subordinates with their superiors is that they feel that the leaders are unfair , Reuse and promote others without yourself . Many leaders arrange people to deal with things more from the perspective of work . As long as you can do a good job , Use Zhang San or Li Si , For him, , It's not a problem . A lot of things , For you, , Great event , For leaders , It's nothing .

Of course , If the work personnel arrangement affects the progress of the work , Wise leaders will give full consideration to . At the end of the day , Work should be the first issue for leaders to consider .

The boss is not your father , It's not your second uncle , Don't think too much about whether you are happy or not , Would you like to , You work for him . In the unit , Work is all your value .

Career Jianghu , There are only two roads ahead of you , First, compromise , Please the boss ; Second, slam the door out , find another job . It's hard to hear , A lot of times , Such is the case .

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