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Small indeed lucky

2021-09-02 00:16:11 Literary frequency modulation

Very busy recently , make a hurried journey without stop , Basically no exercise , But peace of mind awaits . People are hard to read in life and will bump , This means the double meaning of body and soul . The former is simple , Give time , As long as the human body functions normally , You'll soon get back to health . The latter is not so simple , Some people have strong adaptability , Have your own interests and good living habits . If so , Very lucky , Just give time , There's no place where you can't go . Or in the dead of night , Reflect quietly , Lick your wound with the tongue of your soul like a wounded lion , One day it will magically heal , Even if it can't be cured , Just coexist with it , But never let it control you .

Today I want to write a little lucky , This word full of sunshine and warmth . After a day's hard work , A little tired , The market in the west of the school can make people feel inexplicably relaxed , Look at the prosperity of the market and feel the smell of fireworks in the world . You buy and I sell , bargaining , It looks simple , But full of fun . A few years ago, I often went to the market with big milk , At the town fair not far from the school , Look at the bustle of passers-by , Prosperous three thousand . Now , The fourth grade of work found that there was a market at the door this year , I suddenly felt , How narrow your life is . not so bad , Now I know , Having nothing to do is also a kind of happiness .

There is an old couple selling their own dates in the market , Look at the appearance of that thing, Grandpa and grandson pile up ( That is, there are big and small ), Bad looks . Just about to leave , The man said ,“ Come on, come on , Have a taste , Taste it, you buy , It doesn't taste good , Just go , Just taste it , Want some, eat some .” I think the old man is so sincere , But looking at the ugly dates , A little hesitant . The man seemed to see my hesitation , He said ,“ Ah , Don't look at these dates. They look ugly , This is similar to some people who look ugly ( There's no problem with character )” Listen to him , I'll be happy . I tasted a small one at random , It's really sweet . Someone will always remind you of the philosophy of life , isn't it? ?

Back home , Cooking , Go for a walk in the stadium , In fact, I haven't been exercising much lately , The stadium where many people are next to the brightly lit Taishi Street , I can come once or twice a year , This time I came with my daughter , The child shouted to play with the police to catch the thief , What I say , As a result, I was caught as soon as I ran , Because I'm afraid she can't catch it and I'm not happy , But the result is , The little girl said ,“ Mom , You suck ”. I just said ,“ good , Come again ”. The result can be imagined , It's almost a lap , She didn't catch up with me , And I'm still relaxed , It seems that the skill is still there, but it is used less . The girl is unhappy , My heart is inexplicably happy , My mother used to give me a kick , Now the little girl can do the same . Actually , Something with potential , Still need someone else to push , Or how do you know you will ?

Small indeed lucky belly around the bar , Ah , This is a clown project , Watch older people drip around the belly , But I can't go up , This project fully shows that my meat has a variety of , How powerless . therefore , Yo, take a deep breath , Jump up and grab the horizontal bar , Hook your feet and slowly climb up , In the past, it was very simple to circle on the horizontal bar , The horizontal bar is almost a fixed toy before I was ten years old , However , At this time, it hung on it and couldn't get down , Thanks to the help of others , Although a little embarrassing , At least I dare try . I also know that the meat in my abdomen is not poor .

Actually , There will be many interesting things in life , meanwhile , There will also be all kinds of external factors affecting you , Adjust your inner , Everything was arranged in good faith .

End with a sentence from Mr. Yang Jiang ,“ We were so eager for the waves of fate , Until the end , The most graceful scenery of life , It's the inner calm and calm . We used to look forward to recognition , Not until the end , The world is its own , Have nothing to do with others .”

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