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What is life like in a police academy?

2021-09-02 00:56:41 Photography

I believe many people are curious about what police school life is like , Here, I'd like to share my experience of police school life with you . Help you understand the differences between police schools and ordinary universities .

  police school , It is a college for training public security talents , The police entry rate is as high as more than 90% , Almost all the students in the police academy will enter the cause of public security .

  The police academy is an early approval for filling in volunteers , If you want to go to the police academy, you have to pass the political examination, interview and some cumbersome physical examination , For example, poor eyesight 0.8, Hearing is normal , No color blindness, no color weakness , Blood pressure is normal , No tattoos, etc , If one of them fails to meet the standard, it will have no chance with the police academy .

  I was admitted to the Police Academy last year , I remember I entered school in early September , Then began a month long devil like military training life . Most people's understanding of military training in universities is that instructors take students to summer camp , This is the military training mode of Ordinary Colleges , The police academy is very different , One word is “ To make ”, You will face your unprecedented fear , It's no exaggeration to spend time here , Basically every day, people get sick or faint because their body can't bear it .

    Remember the night of September 18 , We actually experienced the plot in the military TV series , Around eleven o'clock , By a harsh whistle and the instructor shouted “ Emergency assembly ” be scared awake , Then dress as fast as you can and fasten your belt , Go out and stand in line , Then there was off-road for two kilometers , It was already midnight when I came back , Limping back to the dormitory to sleep , The next morning I got up at six o'clock, folded my quilt and tidied up my house .

    After military training , We have entered a normal police school life , Get up at six in the morning, do exercises and tidy up the house , Turn off the light and go to bed at 10:30 p.m , Usually go to the classroom in a queue , After school, I also went back to the dormitory building in line , Then go to the canteen for dinner . In fact, in addition to some complicated systems, it is annoying , Other aspects , For example, learning pressure is much less than other schools .                                      All in all , There are advantages and disadvantages , You can really learn what rules are in a police academy , Learn to take responsibility for any of your actions , At the same time, I can also master some fighting skills and tactics , Lay a good foundation for future work .

    This is the basic police school life , If you have anything you want to know, you can pay attention to me .

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