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With little stars hidden in my heart, life can shine.

2021-09-02 03:05:11 Life journey

Happy weekend .

Not updated yesterday , Because I'm a little tired . The morning exam , Tidy up your son's toy area in the afternoon , I find that I really can't keep up with my energy , Collect things , I'm too tired . But I still look forward to the results of the transformation , Just wait for the new floor mat to arrive . The next step is to transform the master bedroom bathroom .

The little surprises of yesterday's life are , The new electric steamer and pressure cooker are here , They are very beautiful , You can make breakfast in the morning , Dessert soup and health soup are stewed .

I feel my son is too attached to me , Although I feel happy , But I think he is not independent enough .

There are many small plans , take your time .

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