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"Dear parents" hides our longing for family affection

2021-09-02 03:48:41 Photography

The last thing I can't stop is this era play 《 Dear parents 》 了 , I can't tell exactly what's good , I only know that the warmth of the whole play inadvertently makes people feel warm .

Everyone's concerns are different .

In the morning, I specially brushed the hot comments on the play on Douban , Bustling , A mixed .

One comment said : This is really a completely nonsense TV play , Every little character in the play is intriguing 、 scheme against each other , No character portrays a normal state of mind .

Tell the truth , It's a little uncomfortable at first reading , Let me have doubts about my emotional identity , Such a family cares about each other , Warm and kind people , How could he be criticized so completely ?

Liu Biyun, who planned marriage for his pregnant daughter, may be what they call deliberate thinking . But which mother in the world is not like this ? They all want to make the best choice for their children's life , Even if sometimes you don't take into account the children's feelings , But maternal love is real , Indelible .

And the jealous Jiang fu , If there is such a person in this world , Regard his wife's son and daughter as out ( Jiang Fu and Liu Biyun are reorganizing their families ), Help his wife's ex husband find a good marriage , How can such a person be said to be deliberate ?

Many people say they hate Jiang Mei's unreasonable and self-centered , But how real this girl is , Because she doesn't like her stepmother, she will suppress it many times , But when the stepmother's children are in trouble, they come forward without hesitation , Her dislike never spread to others .

And the lively and funny Jianglin , Handsome and steady Li Bing , Ouyanglin is young and beautiful , Father Li, who is stubborn and addicted to alcohol ....... Every little man is so fresh .

Admittedly, the play still has a lot to improve , But do we have to be so serious when we relax ?

With the air conditioner on , Holding watermelon, I sat down quietly with my parents , Watch the play 、 A chat 、 Listen to their life at that time , Wouldn't it be better to make the illusory film and television works full of fireworks in real life .

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