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2021-09-02 04:02:17 Photography

        Neither hot nor cold, Chengdu is better than the early autumn . It's cloudy and cool in the morning , In the afternoon, the sun showed its face and was slightly hot , It's cool in the morning and evening. You need to cover it with a thin quilt . The courtyard of the community is towering with green trees , Looking out, I saw deep light green ; Walk the trail every day , Walking through the shade , Even if it rains a little, the road won't be wet , You can't wear it out when the sun is burning .

      The house is only 100 meters away from the gate of the community , There is a bus stop when you go out , It's convenient to come and go . Tens of meters to the left or right 、 Hundreds of meters , There is a police station 、 Community service center 、 Community hospitals 、 Comprehensive services such as banking ; There are shopping malls 、 The restaurant 、 teahouse 、 The pharmacy 、 Foot bath shops are convenient for the people . The planning and layout of modern urban blocks reflects people-oriented , The business philosophy also adheres to customer first , If you want to play a trick 、 Cheat or something , Then you can only ruin your job . If you go another kilometer 、 Two kilometer extension , Famous colleges and Universities 、 Shopping Mall 、 Playground 、 park , It will appear again and again , Take the bus two stops 、 Three stops , Or walk for ten minutes 、 Twenty minutes , When talking and laughing, I unknowingly came to the place I wanted to go . Chengdu is located in the plain with a sense of orientation , Chengnan 、 North of the city ; East of the city 、 West of the city , You can tell the direction without going into detail , If you choose subway transportation , A few kilometers 、 More than ten kilometers 、 Dozens of kilometers , It's all in accurate calculation , It won't take long to reach the desired goal .

      The ease and comfort of living in Chengdu , People who have lived here for a long time , Think everything is natural 、 Ought to be right . But when you get out of this place , Will be sensitive to a lot of things wrong , You will realize that Chengdu is still comfortable . Will be reluctant to give up , After leaving, I still want to come again ; After staying here for a while , I don't want to move my steps . Look at big data recently , As a new first tier city in China, Chengdu , It has ranked first in the list of the happiest cities in the country for many times ; In a livable city 、 In the selection of pension cities , Several times in the forefront . Some of the top names on this list may not be convinced by everyone ,, But it's not groundless , Or rely on real evidence to guarantee .

( The illustration of this article is taken by the author in Kuanzhai alley, Chengdu )

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