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Wedding wine seven times

2021-09-02 04:05:12 Photography

Attend several weddings in succession , They are all colleagues and acquaintances , As soon as you sit down at the banquet table , I haven't waited for the dinner , There are already several mothers who want to marry their daughters , Take out your pocket naturally , Said it was stealing , Actually Minna , Just pack the whole bottle of wine , Wait until the end of the party to take away .

At first I saw this phenomenon , Still snickering in my heart , This is really feudal superstition , Can you steal a bottle of wine and get your daughter married ? Gradually see more and more , Not only began to think deeply about this social phenomenon , Mothers are nearing retirement , The daughters have 30 many , Not even an object , Who did you say you put it on , Who can not hurry ? Don't worry. It's strange to be crazy .

But now boys and girls , It seems that they all have their own rules on this matter , We must find a perfect one that fully conforms to our wishes , Very satisfied with the perfect spouse . Or they think their work is bad , Or they dislike people's looks , Or they dislike that others are not gentle and considerate , Or they dislike that people can't speak , Or dislike that others have no independence , Listen too much to your family …… Some girls look at objects , Didn't even talk or say anything for a few minutes , I have a certain prejudice against others , So just looking like a horse lantern has no practical value .

This time, there were two wine thieves on the table , Of course, this table is not enough. I stole the wine from other tables . Wait until you finish the banquet , Just walked out , And found several blatantly stealing wine . It's really wine , But what I actually stole was a little comfort in my heart , And some aunts steal , Because my daughter never married . It is said that there is an expert to give advice , Only by stealing for seven times can we achieve perfection , To get married quickly .

From the most realistic point of view , The function of this wine should be , Taken home by my mother to show my daughters , Then talk to your daughters , Maybe it will promote the marriage of daughters . in other words , Every wedding , They will urge their daughters to marry again . But what is the significance of this kind of Education ? I think stealing alcohol has very little significance to marriage and childbirth , Because of such wine stealing , It can't directly change the children's view of courtship , It's just the wishful thinking of parents . Many parents because of this marriage , I've already talked to the children , Even don't ask at all , Can't ask the extent . What's the point of stealing wine or not ? I think it's mostly self comfort , And less than half want miracles to happen .

Finally, let's reflect , Did we think about the marriage of our children when we stole wine , It's too late . That is to say, marriage education for children , We started too late , This may have something to do with the implicit character of our Chinese people , What should be considered more is that there must be problems in our education .

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