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Past events caused by sunflowers

2021-09-02 04:17:33 Photography

    The flowers in the picture are sunflowers , Because of its flowers, the day keeps turning with the sun , Keep facing the sun , So it is also called sunflower .

        “ Barefoot doctor sunflower , The people love her .” The countryside in those days , Barefoot doctors for the health of the people , Played a big role , Serving the people is also in place . I learned some fur from several doctors in Sichuan before I jumped the queue , When I left Sichuan , A doctor specially sent me a hardcover book with blue plastic skin 【 Barefoot doctor's Manual 】, Naturally, I often look through it , From time to time, I also use my current medical skills to help everyone treat diseases , Like an injection , Like acupuncture , For example, listen to the heart, listen to the murmur of the lungs ( At that time, the villagers called the stethoscope the hearing machine ). So when the brigade is equipped with barefoot doctors , I was asked to do it . I'm also excited to rub my hands , Intend to study hard , Do a good job , Serve the people well .

      But wait left and right , I haven't been waiting for the original notice to study in the commune health center , contrary , I came back from herding sheep that day , Someone told me in private that so and so went to the health center to study “ I decided to be ”. Later, the Secretary of the brigade also told me that due to special circumstances , The barefoot doctor was served by another comrade . At that time, I was very unhappy about herding sheep for the team , Blushing, he asked the secretary not to let the sheep go .

        Just hang around for a while , Go to the commune again . I met brother Zhang Zhiqing of the County military control commission there , He was working in the commune . Because his father and my father are sworn brothers , In those days, he was a close friend of the guerrillas , therefore , My name is brother Zhang JunGuan . He naturally takes good care of me . He often asks me to sit in his office . I saw an earlier book on the basics of reconnaissance and law . So I asked for advice , Brother Zhang naturally agrees . I was fascinated by what I saw , Some can't put it down . Seeing this, brother Zhang said that the book was published in the past , You just look at me , Dare not take it out . I'll often help you with boiling water in the future , Chop a raw match , Sweep the corner and wait for him , The purpose is to read his several law books . After brother Zhang's suspension, he returned to the county . I can't see it anymore .

      After I became a policeman , Brother Zhang, who is already the director of the County Public Security Bureau , After learning that I studied journalism , He came to me and told me that Northwest College of political science and law has a law major “ You loved reading law books , Erge became a policeman again . Or study law .” meanwhile , He gave several books on law , Including the books I read earlier . Some time ago, I sorted out my old things , There's only one left , Other , I don't know where I'm going .

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