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The most common mistake women make: overestimating the proportion of love in life ". What do you think?

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“ The most common mistake women make : Overestimated the proportion of love in life ”, What do you think ?

In fact, this type of women do not overestimate the proportion of love in life , But underestimated the position of women in love , Misestimating the role of women in marriage .

I've seen a lot of big sisters 、 My little sister , I've seen many, even when I'm an aunt 、 Older leftover women at the aunt level , Their longing for love , It's really amazing .

The reason why they have something in common , It's because they have a pure and wrong heart . It can be seen from their behavior , Their coquettish hair is whiny , Their soft voices whisper , Their is out of time .

They always think , Love is beautiful , So beautiful that I am like a charming bird singing and dancing , From then on to the other side of the Wutong branch , You don't have to come down anymore , The main thing is , There's nothing to do .

So , The thrush teased himself into flattery , Walk and talk like a little girl , even to the extent that , Organize your hair into “ pet dog ” The appearance of ( I doubt the original intention of the person who invented this hairstyle , because , Many women don't distinguish between personality and fashion ), even to the extent that ……

Their mistakes , Is to regard love as a delicious food that will never be boring , And take marriage as their eternal attachment to others .

A woman who loses herself in love , Probably disappointed , In marriage ? Many women attach themselves to each other , No self-reliance 、 A woman without her own opinion , It's easier to slip down to the point of being looked down upon .

What is love ?

It is a high degree of unity on the basis of equality and mutual support , Mutual admiration , It's just recognition of each other —— The biggest favor for a heterosexual with the same ideas as yourself .

love , It is not an inferiority complex that shrinks into the soil , Nor is it the nameless arrogance that is exalted . love , It's not to show your weakness , But equality and admiration 、 Care and trust .

What about marriage ?

Of course, it is the appropriate final result of love at the end .

therefore , Marriage is the realistic choice after the romantic landing of love .

Some people play like fish in water , Love ? Find some favorite ones to play in the dark . What about marriage , Find an honest and obedient person who has used daily necessities .

It seems that every step is the best , In fact, it violates the overall optimization of life . Of course not wrong , But it is mixed with too many little cleverness , The result is unsatisfactory .

therefore , It's not human to go to extremes .

Love not for the purpose of marriage is playing hooligans , Love for the purpose of marriage is not necessarily so glorious .

From the relationship between cause and effect , Too much utilitarianism obliterates countless possibilities of love . And think love is romantic play , Marriage is a boring life , But it's too arbitrary .

Look at the main question , yes “ Women overestimate the proportion of love in life ”, then “ Women are often disappointed ”.

The proportion of love in life has not been “ overestimate ”, It's a woman's wrong idea .

In essence , Men are afraid of women getting stronger , And the tendency to feel inferior . Men are also afraid of women “ Soft bones ” get up , The trend that everything needs to be managed by yourself .

Besides loving you , There's nothing left ; Except entrusted to you , I can't do anything .

Of course , In love , Women's trust and innocence , It really moves men . And if there is always a little girl around a man , Over time, men will be bored , Men can also be dragged to the extreme .

What kind of woman men like ?

Trust and depend on yourself , Can be alone in the family , Solemn and lively , Must be coquettish and have their own independence .

It seems very difficult .

Men are flawed , Women also have defects .

therefore , Searching is a process , Union is the final .

therefore , Women's attachment , It's the scariest . Because it's terrible not to have your own woman , Only beauty and a woman without her own are more sad . When beauty becomes the only capital , For women who weigh gains and losses, they are very likely to fail .

What is ability ? Invisible . If a woman has no ability , Without humility and self-knowledge , This is the trap of self digging .

The suffix to being a parent at home , School is the suffix of teachers , After being married, she became the suffix of her husband , And live on it , Such a woman is very sad . Be similar to “ Marry Han , Marry Han , Dress for dinner ” thought .

Now there is a wrong guidance , When it comes to equality between men and women , Many women are willing to be equal when they enjoy , And when you do your duty , Always willing to be unequal between men and women .

The most typical words are “ You are responsible for making money to support your family , I'm in charge of beautiful flowers ”. Many women are poisoned by this , So I choose a road that I can't step on the aging brake anyway !

What is a woman's beauty ? Feast for the eyes , Be spoiled , As a card , besides , Nothing else .

Wise men prefer to value a woman's brain , Capable men also value women's talents . For body and face , It's actually their second choice .

In fact, the opposite is true , Men also value love , Infatuated men are even more , It can even last a lifetime . Men value marriage more , Traditional education in the years of growth , Men are always tired , therefore , The stability and happiness of marriage , Determines the promotion and stability of men .

therefore , A woman disappointed in marriage , They often think they sacrifice for love . Men who are disappointed with women , Just choose another marriage .

By ashang Qingzi

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