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Avoid prejudice

2021-09-02 04:29:50 Life journey

Avoid stereotypes becoming prejudices ( The net graph invades to delete )

Work overtime in the morning to improve materials , Because I had different views on a material yesterday , It is not positive to modify the material today , Even the opinions of colleagues are not in mind , Even despise and deny , Some of them are also dismissive of the details of preparing materials for leaders .

Reflection after the fact , These details , For example, if it is the biggest leader in the leadership meeting , The material is printed directly into A4 The paper is OK , If there are other larger leaders in the meeting , The material is best printed on two sheets of paper , It's better to clip it in a notebook . And whether there should be a speech outline in the title of the material , It also depends on the situation , These seemingly trivial things , In fact, it makes sense , Maybe I haven't been a leading Secretary , Ignore such details that just reflect the high quality of service .

Why am I worried about the details of these help ? The main reason is that they have prejudices , Once a person has a prejudice against something or someone ? Will make the mistake of the first cause effect , Where he is good to others , And ignore , Thus forming a certain prejudice . In my previous work , I also have prejudices about the practices of individual leaders , It turned out to be a similar problem , Even the highlights that should be learned , Didn't learn . How can we change this problem , Avoiding stereotypes becomes prejudice ?

One is to reduce emotional interference , Accept objectively . The reason why we form prejudice , Often because of stereotypes , Let's have a bad emotional reaction , Maybe the criticism or blunt attitude of the leaders hurt our self-esteem , The subconscious leaves an emotional shadow , When talking about other valuable things , There will be resistance , This has affected our acceptance of correct opinions .

Second, distinguish between facts and opinions . For the opinions of others , Whether praise or criticism , Be sure to distinguish between opinions and facts , Accept the objective facts comprehensively , For opinions, especially tendentious opinions , To distinguish correctly , Avoid ignoring the true facts because others' views are incorrect .

Third, expand your mind . The higher the position , The more things to accept , The more tolerance you have , Accommodate different opinions , Avoid preconceptions , In order to avoid self closure , Fall into the pit of prejudice . although 《 The devil child of Nezha came into the world 》 There is a classic line in :“ Prejudice in the heart is a mountain , No matter how hard you try, you can't move it .”, But we train , Can still eliminate stereotypes , Or at least reduce the impact of stereotypes on us .

All in all , Stereotypes are but avoidable , But we must pay attention to reducing the influence of prejudice , Especially to prevent stereotypes from becoming prejudices , Only so , We can make better progress and grow !

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