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[short stories] forgotten comics (1)

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Haoyuan put down his glass :“ Xinwei, are you in touch ?”

Sun and moon sitting opposite :“ Yes. , She lives in my neighborhood .”

Beautiful woman , It's always a topic on men's wine table .“ In the square at night , The most attractive thing is Xinwei , Go there and find her , Look for one who is sure to .” The sun and moon took a look at Haoyuan and continued :“ Although no longer a young girl , But the chest is still so strong , The hips are still so upturned , Plus the lightness of the dance steps 、 Free and easy , It's graceful 、 generous , With a natural beauty , It's inevitable for men to look at her more .”

Haoyuan took over the conversation :“ optimistic 、 A cheerful character , She also likes sports, which makes her look very young .”

“ Yes , It's hard for strangers to guess her age , It's always ten years younger than the actual age .”

“ The little girl likes to run and jump since childhood , To see her comic book , Don't stretch her rubber band less . In school , There are many girls jumping rubber bands , We don't have to , After school, in order to jump the rubber band , In exchange for her beloved comic book , Let me put a rubber band on her .”

As he said , Sun and moon think of the youth's ignorance :“ Every time you jump to the end , Deliberately tiptoe , Hold the rubber band high , Just to let her leak , Take a look at her snow-white skin .”

“ ha-ha …… Your boy didn't peek less .” Haoyuan joked .

“ This little girl is really good at calling people , To see her comic book , I didn't give her less homework , Write a composition .” He was poor that year , Children rarely have toys , I don't have money to buy books , Comic books are regarded as treasures .

Sister Xiaoping said while serving the dishes just out of the pot :“ Taste , This year's comb crab is big and fat .”

“ Come and try my sister-in-law's Craft .” The sun and the moon add :“ I wonder if it's because of the epidemic , Fewer people go to the beach , A quiet environment is more suitable for the growth of comb crab , There are many more comb crabs this year than in previous years , The price is less than half of last year .”

The comb crab looks very green 、 sweet 、 It tastes good , Haoyuan put a piece in his mouth , Crab meat is smooth and delicious , Melt-in-the-mouth texture .“ My sister-in-law's cooking is getting better and better .” High EQ, he didn't forget to praise the hostess .

The sun and the moon do their master's way , Take up the glass :“ Come on , Take one .” Haoyuan tacitly raised his glass , They drank it all at once .

Sister Ping picked up the wine bottle at the right time , Fill two people with :“ Drink slowly , I have an appointment with my sisters , Excuse me .”

“ This girl is interested in comic books , I really like .” Sun and moon pick up the original topic :“ Not long ago, her friend published a comic book , Don't forget to give me a copy .” Before I finish , Go to the bookcase , Pick up the comic book and throw it to Haoyuan .

Haoyuan picked up the comic strip , Look down page by page .

1、 endure hardships and be capable of hard work 、 The indomitable Mongolian horse spirit .

2、 Dahong mountain is like a herd of horses galloping across the Gobi for thousands of miles .

3、 The carved saddle is sprinkled with shepherdess's warmth .

4、 The wild geese deliver the book , Three thousand orphans will enter the grassland , Duguima takes on the responsibility of a nurse .

5、 stay “ Eji ” In the warm song , Yurt to 28 An orphan opened his door .

6、 The children fell asleep safely , The oil lamp reflected the perspiration of mother's forehead .

7、 Under the care of my mother , Children are toddlers , Take the first step in life .

8、 The warm spring breeze blows the gratitude of the lamb's kneeling milk into the young heart .

9、 Happy childhood is as colorful as soap bubbles in the sun .

10、 The prairie breeze blows away the haze , The fragrance of grass and the happy song of larks came from the wind .

【 unfinished , To be continued . Welcome to the following .】

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