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Give children a chance to love

2021-09-02 05:11:14 Photography

Give children a chance to love , They will treat you with their heart . Don't believe it , Look at the father and daughter under the rain .

My daughter is very small , Not as tall as father's shoulder , Little arm , Best effort , Try to put a small flower umbrella , Cover up Above my father's head , From time to time, I looked up , Look carefully .

There was a flash of lightning in this space-time , See your daughter's little hand , Quickly pulled his father's arm , Father and daughter stumbled , Pass under that big tree . See here , My eyes are wet , My heart is filled with warm feelings .

It was made by my parents , And it's the unconscious consciousness of parents . And I didn't expect that , In a girl who is no higher than her father's shoulder , But it was so natural and touching .

Maybe in the wind and rain , What we give our children , It's a clear sky , But unexpectedly, sometimes it blocks the child's heart to love his parents .

For the future , Children can rain or shine . The umbrella in our hands , At the right time , Give it to the child , Let him learn to love , To love oneself , Love your parents , Love others , Love the world !

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