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Good steel rusts is scrap iron

2021-09-02 05:22:05 Photographic travel works


“ Your daughter bought xxx La , I don't know. Save it , Spend money all day .”

    My wife complained about her daughter's extravagance , Whether it's worth it or not . I don't think so anymore , Not to mention spending her own money , It's my , Let her buy whatever she wants .

    “ Good steel is used on the blade .” I grew up and grew old under the influence of my mother's Ideological Education , Now it's over 60 years old , Never met “ Knife edge ”, Those are “ Good steel ” Rusted , It's going to become scrap iron .

    We can't accept overspending , But we should not lag behind consumption , Living within your means is conservative at the moment . Should the concept be changed or should it be changed .

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