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Carnival before school! Lu Yi and Bao Lei took their daughter out to dinner and took photos with the same filter

2021-09-02 05:25:09 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 29 Friday night , Lu Yi has not seen him for a long time and shares the daily life of a family of four on his personal social platform , Although there is no text attached , But shooting my daughter with my cell phone 、 His wife's he , A good mood is evident .

Let's watch the video aired by Lu Yi , From the shooting background , A family of four is not at home , It should be eating out , The two daughters are about to start school , At this time, Lu Yi goes out to dinner with his wife Bao Lei and his daughters , This is the children's Carnival before school .

Use “ Game face ” Lu Yi of the filter , First, I took a mobile phone to shoot my little daughter , I saw the little leaf half take off the mask , Facing the camera, she sometimes narrowed her eyes , Sometimes I stretch out my hand to tidy my hair , Funny .

Then came the eldest daughter Belle , Compared to my sister , Belle is a little shy .

The third person to appear is Bao Lei , Bao Lei with short hair is fresh and capable , Staring at the big eyes and directly facing the mirror , Very confident .

The last person to appear on the camera is Lu Yi , As a father of two children, he , stay “ Game face ” The proper comic man's face under the filter , As always handsome .

Although the four members of the family have appeared one after another, they do not have the same frame , But when photographed with the same filter, they can say that they once again share a face with the family .

Netizens left messages after reading :“ They have become Lu Yi ”、“ This is a timeline , Lu Yi of different genders and ages ”、“ A family of four with one face , I've never seen anything like this ”.

A family doesn't just share a face , And long legs , It's beautiful .

Baolei 45 birthday , Take a picture with her husband Lu Yi's refill , marry 14 In, their husband and wife looked too strong, like changing faces , Paulie is more like a husband than two daughters , Sure enough , The longer two people stay together, the more loving they are, the more like each other .

Bao Lei and Lu Yi, who have only two daughters after marriage , I don't know. With the opening of the three child policy this year , Do the couple have any plans to have a third child ? After all, husband and wife love , Both of them have high looks , Genes are so good , It's also possible to have another one .

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