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Autumn rain

2021-09-02 05:29:24 Life journey


Autumn rain to , Give more than ten days of constant sunshine , Add a naughty rhyme , There's a sound , Wet and moist .

autumn rains , I filled in several copies of Kuang Wei . It's the sadness of missing your hometown far away , It's the sadness of missing your family .

“ Autumn rain is desolate, flowers splash tears , It's getting colder and colder by the appendix ”. See the autumn rain fall , Then dead leaves fell all over the ground , I can't help feeling sad about autumn . An autumn rain, a cold ! This cold , It's cold , Also in a cool mood .

I'm not easily sad . Just occasionally think of something , A little cool in my heart . The mood is restless , Come and go , Irregular . Others don't notice , I know it myself . Go through a thousand trials and tribulations , All kinds of life , I can do things without confusion or surprise , detachment . All kinds of startling waves hidden in my heart , But you can smile at the wind and cloud on your face .

It is no longer the age that is easy to be sad and sad . It seems that you don't have to teach , These personnel philosophies are gradually understood . Be yourself , It's my state now .

Many emotions arise , It can be a novel , A sudden rain , A blooming flower .

rain , Suitable for at home , Reading a book , enjoy rainy scenes , tea , sit quietly .

In a quiet daze in the room . You can hear sparrows singing , You can hear the puppy barking , You can hear the sound of rain hitting the window , You can hear the babbling of the wind blowing through the window lattice .

I'm tired of reading , Look out from the window , rain , Compact , Crystal clear , Hang down from the sky , One raindrop after another , Fall in a puddle on the ground, in a puddle , Fall in the grass , Fall into the soil , Fall on a stone , On the flowers . They press out water spray after spray , Like broken jade , Flying and splashing .

rain , From time to time . When the rain is dense , From time to time, it enters the windowsill of the house through the gap from the window . The faint fragrance in the air also spread far into the house . Rain hour , I open the window , Breathe fresh air , This fresh breath , Active nerves .

rain , Silent , Seems to stop , I'll look downstairs , There are drizzles in the water , It's still down . In a trance , Distant past emerged , A touch of melancholy surged up .

rain , Not blocking my view . See on the opposite windowsill , The child lay on the windowsill , Touch the window glass with your palm , Adults are with him . He is enjoying the rain , I'm curious about something .

Turn your eyes to the roads in the community , A man with an umbrella , Walk slowly , Bypass the sump, bypass the ponding , Slow and careful .

A few hydrangeas were planted in front of the building , A round flower ball , Hanging rain . The rain washed the petals , Shake slightly , It seems that he plays with the rain happily and quietly .

Outside the window pomegranate tree , The rain kissed , Leaves with upward floating curve , Washed green , The water drops rolled over , Singing love songs melodiously .

The rain is loud and small , Such as playing autumn music , Plants are listening , The flowers are listening , The birds are listening , I am listening. . Autumn rain , Long and long , Echoing in the empty world , Whirling in all things .

Where love comes from , Write a few strokes .

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