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Pyrotechnic happiness

2021-09-02 05:41:44 Life journey

When it's rare to rest on weekends , How would you arrange ?

Go out and play around , Look at the scenery , By the way , It's a good choice .

Go shopping and eat , Buy buy buy , Consumption can also enhance the feeling of happiness , You can also go to the cinema and relax for two hours .

Of course , There are also people who don't move at home , Have a good sleep at home , I'm hungry , what would you like to eat , Take out can be delivered to , You should make up for your hard week .

All of the above , All good choices .

however , For a family , Maybe , There's another option .

That's it , On weekends , Let the family light more smoke and anger .

Usually busy with work , Everything you eat is to cope with , Or socialize in a hotel .

And by the end of the week , You should also give yourself and your family some time .

Make the kitchen noisy , Light more smoke and anger , Just feel more at home .

Don't care what you can cook , Go to the market and buy some favorite dishes , By frying 、 Fried 、 Cooking and so on , Just cooked .

Make delicious , The chef must be more professional .

But cook a few dishes for your family , Not up to the chef's standard , It must be unique , It has a different flavor .

How popular the kitchen is , How happy the family is !

writing / At the end of Sinology

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