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Wonderful experience

2021-09-02 05:46:11 Life journey

This morning, , I get up early as usual , Chanting 、 read 、 Study , He studied wholeheartedly for more than an hour 《 Buddha's wisdom 》. Snow desert deep solution 《 Diamond sutra 》 After learning the second product of , And carefully read teacher Mingkong's < Mental outlook 《 Diamond sutra 》> Second grade .

After reading it all , stretch , Took a long breath . Open the WeChat , Then I saw Mr. Mingkong at five o'clock in the morning , Share the business card of snow desert live studio , Reminding me to watch . I really let him down , Although I got up early , But I didn't listen to the live broadcast , Because I'm focused on 《 Buddha's wisdom 》 Can't be separated , I can't multitask . This is my advantage , It's also my weakness .

I sent him a wechat message : Just finished 《 Buddha's wisdom 》 Second grade , After reading your mind 《 Diamond sutra 》 This product realizes , Peace of mind , The harvest is not small . What you said before and after the awakening of the original mind is different , Is it possible to understand : The protective thoughts before awakening the original heart , Is to remind yourself again and again , Don't lose your mindfulness , In mindfulness , Gradually get rid of all kinds of habits . After realizing the original heart ,“ Tathagata is good at protecting thoughts ” It is the Tathagata who is good at cultivating practitioners with supreme compassion , Let them practice hard , Zaozheng Bodhi .

He gave me two thumbs up to show affirmation and encouragement . Then he said :“ One more thing , After realizing the original heart “ Tathagata is good at protecting thoughts ”, Live in your heart at the moment , Deal with everything with the wisdom of your heart .”

I answered with a smile :“ This is important .”

He also smiles , ask :“ At the moment , What doubts do you have now ?”

I ignored the word "now" he said , say :“ The last time I sat down , The feeling of being coerced by great power has not appeared for a long time . It appeared again during the meditation last night , I remind myself not to be afraid , Don't be afraid of , Then slowly melt in . Although better than last time , No fright , But it came out soon . Can't live .”

He said with a smile :“ I don't care about that , Let the heart return to the present .”

I ignored what he said “ heart ”, answer :“ Ready to continue learning the third product .”

He said happily and patiently :“ I'm talking about the moment , It's your heart right now , Put down your brain ...... Just feel it quietly and carefully . Just follow my guidance .”

Because I've been in... All morning 《 Diamond sutra 》 Under the influence of the truth and the cool words of Xuemo teacher , So I'm very calm . therefore , I reply :“ calm .”

He said :“ Feel the calm carefully . Feel the calm boundless ......”

I take a deep breath , Say quietly :“ When you close your eyes , All the sounds outside the window seem to be amplified .”

He continued to guide :“ Um. , Focus on the tranquility first , Feel the , Is it marginal ?”

I closed my eyes and felt the answer :“ Yes , But it is slowly expanding further .”

His voice came through the air , Distant and clear :“ Slowly feel the edge .... Slowly expand it , Until the boundless ..... Let your heart wander freely and naturally in this tranquility ....”

I said, :“ From time to time, ideas come out , Seems to disturb its continued expansion .”

He said with a gentle smile :“ it will be OK , Don't worry about it. . This tranquility has an invisible Center .... Feel this quiet center carefully ......”

I answered yes , Just as I was trying to find , He said :“ Focus on this quiet Center ..... There is no need to find a specific location , Just feel it with your heart , You can also easily view this location somewhere , For example, at the heart chakra .”

I seem to have found that position , I can look at it at the heart chakra , But look at the center of the eyebrow , More easily . So I answered quietly :“ In the middle of the eyebrow .”

He continued to guide :“ It's fine too , Now focus most of your attention on this tranquility , Pay less attention to the surrounding sounds . No matter how the sound changes , The peace remains the same .... Experience carefully , At the same time as the sound rises , Peace is still like this . The sound doesn't touch the peace itself . Experience this carefully . Continue to experience , The sound disappears as it rises ..... voice , Present life , The moment is gone ..... Although there are phenomena , Without substance .....”

I feel the boundless peace , I heard the birds singing in the trees outside the window 、 The voice of people 、 The car whistle 、 The sound of running water in the sewer , The sound of lawn mowing machines …… There are birth and death , There is no substance . No matter how loud the sound is , Always unable to touch the boundless peace . I said, :“ Yes , It's like this , Can't catch , I can't keep it .”

“ Experience carefully , Sound rises in the quiet void of the mind , disappear , Give birth to , disappear ..... The essence of sound , It's actually lifeless ...... And a quiet mind , There will be no change due to the change of sound , Always quiet 、 Serene 、 At ease 、 Qingming .....”

“ Um. .”

“ Experience carefully , Sounds come and go , Come and go , And a quiet mind , No birth, no death , No coming, no going ...... Experience carefully , The emptiness of the mind , Again, there are no entities , And there is no image , Invisible , Not any kind of phenomenon , Beyond any phenomenon .... And all the phenomena , It's like a sound , Live and die in the void of the heart 、 Come and go 、 change ...... No matter how they change , Can't touch the quiet heart at all ...... And a quiet mind , But it can magically reflect all phenomena like a mirror .....”

Under the guidance of the teacher , Experience the boundless tranquility 、 Serene 、 Magical and wonderful , There is a relaxed and happy feeling in my heart . I couldn't help blurting out :“ A magical experience .”

And he said :“ Carefully experience the mirror of this magical soul ...... One side , It's invisible , boundless , Like a void , Empty silence , quiet ...... On the other hand , It can reflect everything , Perceive everything , Intervene in everything , Create everything ........ It has no life or death , But it changes life and death .”

I said with joy :“ Today is the realm of being as bright as a mirror , Have a more profound experience .”

He finally reminded me :“ Don't forget it , Train back to it all the time , All the theories , It's just a comment on it .”

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