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[original poem] stand like a big tree

2021-09-02 05:46:20 Literary frequency modulation

writing / chart :Kurny Lin

Green, transparent wind

Leaves can't hide the sun

Mother stood like a big tree

Stretch out countless arms

Protect your children from the cold

Protect children from the scorching sun with one hand

Prevent insect bites for children with one hand

And the warm on the back table

Food that enriches the stomach and soothes the mood

The sound of waiting for feeding for a long time

Jarring eardrum , Louder than cicadas in midsummer

The withered branches curl out gentle love

Surround your little body 、 Hold up

airily , Shake gently

The ugly bark is destroyed by years

Let the informed pedestrians see it

People say that the tree is strong

The tree knows itself like a giant umbrella

After the rain

Refract the glimmer of rainbow life

2021 year 8 month 29 Japan   In the morning

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