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Purple = temptation

2021-09-02 09:11:44 Photography community

There are several morning glory flowers in the corner of the yard , I followed the fence to find , I didn't find the root of the flower .

Flowers and vines climb the green net fence , Entanglement state , I just touch the lace , Didn't dare to pick , Afraid to hurt them .

This flower vine , Grow in this corner , It seems like a few years


It's cold in winter , have no feelings . Spring green , Don't sprout , In summer, wait for its long leaves to climb up , The green grass all over the ground is more than one person tall . Oh dear , The speed of Petunia , What a deflated temper , Angry with a hot tempered master .

violet , Always mysterious , Temptation . Can't guess and can't give up the feeling . It's a little chilly ; Some septa ; Some impression of not being too close .

Don't touch it and don't get tired of it , Shoot it from a distance , Laugh it off and tease it .

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