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I've always met stray cats recently

2021-09-02 09:22:41 Photography

Today, I met several cats in the community , First, a little three flower , To be exact, it should be a small hawksbill , I called it cat cat , It ran towards me , Then he rubbed around me , Not at all afraid of people .

Mr. is also a cat lover , Hurry to the nearby store to buy ham sausage , I teased it in front of the building , After a while, another little flower tiger came , But obviously more alert than the little hawksbill , Keep a reluctant distance from me and keep observing .

After a while, they played like nobody else , I help them watch the car , I'm worried that the car will come and press them , But also good , They still look alert , If there is a sound, you will hide under the next car , Or run to the side of the road .

Then a big white cat came , An aunt said it was mother cat , It has six kittens , Some were carried away , There are only four left recently , People upstairs often feed them cat food .

I found a wound on the little hawksbill's leg , The aunt said , Children downstairs stabbed them with sticks , The kitten hid in l Under the car , They stabbed . These kids , Tough enough , The kitten's leg wound is exposed , But fortunately, it looks almost better now .

After a while, sir came back from buying ham sausage , Gave them , Another little cow climbed out of the bushes , Family of four , I had a good time , May they be safe , I hope a kind person can adopt , Give them a home .

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