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2021-09-02 09:32:58 Life journey

In love , What else should I say , What do you want to do , It's all your business , You don't have to ask others for advice , Everyone is happy with the same opinion , What's the difference ?

Will you follow others' advice ?

It's unlikely that .

therefore , Stop asking questions , Do whatever you want , There is no fixed pattern , The only answer .

Life is not problem solving , A variety of ideas , An answer .

There are many ways to live , Multiple answers , Or no answer . You can't anchor .

It doesn't matter whether others support or oppose . The important thing is that you did , Are you happy? ? Do you have a sense of achievement ?

That's the core of the problem , If you are happy , It's no use what others say .

You are tangled , It's probably because you're not confident , You're afraid the problem will go elsewhere , You can't cope with .

Emotional matters , No one else can help , Your world is up to you . good , Need not say oneself ; bad , Bear it silently .

Because of love , There is no answer .

Whatever you choose , Just be loyal .

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