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2021-09-02 09:40:36 Photography

2021 year 08 month 29 Japan Everything late at night , The price is set by the world , Everything is done at a cost . If you choose start , Don't be afraid , Everything is difficult at the beginning , As long as you are willing to move forward , Will reach the front .

After we choose , Costs have been incurred . The distance of the road , Is not important , It's been a rough road , It will have its own ending . When the bell rings , We're going to move forward , Some people don't obey the rules from the beginning , Finally, I still don't obey the rules .

I don't know the way ahead , I still have a hard choice , Because all the way , It's hard for me to make myself happy , In fact, we finally don't know what happiness is , More and more don't know what to do , What is your end

In fact, we didn't understand from the beginning , Finally, I still don't understand , I don't know this life , Where is the final destination . But we still choose to be firm , Under a firm goal , Choose to let it go , The secret cost of everything , We can also choose to forget . Abandoned dreams , Maybe one day it will be picked up .

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