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2021-09-02 10:02:03 Photography

On our time scale , How many decades can be counted ? And in the long river of history , Ten years is just a drop in the ocean . Ten years have seen the ups and downs of the world , Ten years is just a flick of the finger . The sun and the moon are not flooded , The order of spring and Autumn .

If you don't hesitate , I don't hesitate , The departing station , We from all over the world , Is it still so kind and bright , If you don't say that , It should not be so regrettable now .

Little : Why do you keep hiding ?

Mr. Fu : Because you belong far away !

A short and powerful dialogue , Rewrite the life between us . Although occasionally miss , The 1980s without holding hands , Think of still appreciate , The dream of youth in the 1980s , Although not back in the 1980s .

That simple and pure love , Once in my heart !

The story is under the action of time , The moon shines a thousand lights , Each has its own bleak and beautiful scenery . Just a dream , In a dream, out of a dream , Wake up and don't know what the future will look like !

Listen to Xie Chunhua's folk songs :“ Lend me ten years , Borrow my courage to flee the world …… I don't want to borrow your fresh , Let me be bold and reckless, never ask tomorrow , Borrow me to kill mediocre feelings , Through my indulgence of Pathetique and crying , Borrow my heart beating as before .”

Floating scattered , Sunny and rainy mountains , Jiuzi returns home , It's already frosty on both temples , I hope the future will be free , Look up and meet all tenderness .

Finally, read a song by Bai Juyi 《 Night rain 》 it's for you :“ I have something to miss , Far away . I feel something , Knot in the deep intestine . The country is far away , Look forward to every day . I can't understand it deeply , No night without thinking . In addition, this residual lamp night , Sleeping alone in the empty hall . Autumn is not yet dawn , The wind and rain are green . Don't learn Toutuo method , Peace of mind before you forget .”

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