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Deng Jiajia, 38, took photos of herself. She really underestimated her sister's figure. She is usually super disciplined

2021-09-03 15:38:16 Tencent Entertainment

Introductory words : In those days 《 Love apartment 》, Deng Jiajia makes a memorable interpretation of the cute and funny character of his little aunt Tang youyou , At that time, she was still a banger 、 Baby face 、 A hot girl who speaks Sichuan dialect .

I believe many friends are 《 Love apartment 》 Know Deng Jiajia , She plays the silly white sweet in the play “ Little aunt ” The role of Tang youYou can be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , In fact, she has participated in many film and television works since her debut .

such as 《 Lock the autumn 》 Kuang Chunni is full of tricks 、《 The whole people witnessed 》 in 19 A rebellious girl, Lin Mengmeng, aged 、《 Family property 》 Li frankness 、 Young plum 、《 Crime without proof 》 Zhu Huiru, whose fate is bumpy, and so on , He also shot many magazine portraits , But more netizens just remember the name Tang youyou , See me mention 《 Love apartment 》 Will think of her .

Words 《 Love apartment 》 Tang youyou in the is really memorable , Especially her baby fat face is very attractive , Her face is not amazing in the entertainment industry , But it's very cute . Unknowingly, my sister this year 38 Year old , But he still insists on his acting career , Step by step .

Recently, Deng Jiajia posted a group of self photos on his personal social platform , This figure and temperament have reached a new level , Xiao Bian can't help sighing that her sister is becoming more and more beautiful , And really underestimated her good figure , It can be imagined that my sister's usual body management is super self-discipline .

8 month 29 On the evening of the th, Deng Jiajia sent a group of mirror self photos , And the text says :“ There is no shortcut to weight management There is no shortcut to weight management , Self disciplined diet and exercise , Gradually become a habit ……” Body management really needs to learn more from beautiful women , Self discipline is so important !

Long straight black hair and red lips , A black vest full of vitality , Smiling sweetly at the camera is very girlish , The face is much thinner than before , I especially envy my sister's small arms and long legs , Thin and beautiful , I can see this good figure , My sister usually insists on exercising .

To tell you the truth, my sister is more beautiful as she grows , It's nice to lose weight , It's completely in my aesthetic point , It's my ideal type ! Everyone admires and likes such girls ? It's really my favorite female star , I also look forward to more online business in the future , More beautiful photos , Encourage Xiaobian, the fat girl who is not firm .

Deng Jiajia was born in a cadre family , Her father, who had been a soldier, raised her as a son since he was a child , This may be the reason for her careless character .

When Deng Jiajia was a child, he was lively , I also have a good interest and talent in literary and artistic performance , Later, he was admitted to the undergraduate class of performance Department of Communication University of China , After graduation, I successfully became an actor .

In other words, she took part in martial arts TV series when she was still in senior three 《 Ode to Gallantry 》, In the play, he plays the sword waiting . There's another episode about this character , By chance, he was favored by the director , Deng Jiajia was very excited , Because this is a very good opportunity , So we should grasp .

Deng Jiajia wrote for this role 3000 A little composition of words , It analyzes in detail how to interpret the character of Shi Jian . It can be said that my sister takes her first acting very seriously and responsibly , And I cherish this opportunity very much , It also shows that he cares very much .

Since then, Deng Jiajia has successively participated in many film and television works , Tried to play different personas , But most of them play supporting roles , Just an unknown little actor . But there will always be a shining moment , stay 《 Love apartment 》 Corner selection , The director fell in love with her straightforward and lovely character .

Finally she took the role of Tang youyou , Unexpectedly, it was because of this role that she became popular , However, many people don't know , She ran away before 8 Longtao waited for this highlight moment in . Deng Jiajia thoroughly performed Tang youyou , Even the character is more popular than herself , It also makes my sister concerned and loved by countless fans and netizens .

so to speak 《 Love apartment 》 It is the youth and highlight of her acting career , It also accompanied countless netizens to grow all the way . Today, whenever I look back 《 Love apartment 》, Will be infected by Tang youyou's happiness again .

Behind every bright one , It's the result of hard work that we can't perceive . Finally, I hope Deng Jiajia will always be happy and carefree Tang youyou , Expect her to be better and better !

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