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Drinking fire order. Jinghu Lake in summer

2021-09-03 16:15:41 Life journey

Drink fire order . Summer Mirror Lake

writing / Sun Zhaolan

Green willows, clear and blue , Clear lotus dew with fragrance . Carp leaping frog agitates the pond . The wind caresses the colorful skirt and floats the sleeves , The lake mirror shines on China's makeup .

Brush Book Wonderland , Poetry of Begonia, green, fat, red and thin, drunk in the setting sun . Mo Yun Yun Shu , Ink rhyme, water and auspicious light . Ink rhyme White Eagle new volume , Su Lianhua's hometown .

I found the characteristics of drinking fire order on the Internet : The second battle 、 Three guns 、 A break 、 A line of 、 Yiying . Very interested , It happened that the lotus in Jinghu Lake was in bloom , Try filling in one , May my hometown be as beautiful as ancient poetry !

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